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My Story: Akonnor Didas from yoghurt seller to Educational Psychology student at UCC



6 years ago, I travelled to Accra foolhardily without anyone to lodge at his or her place and no money to lodge anywhere.

God being so good, I had the privilege of selling yoghurt (a job I had wholly engaged in since 2010) and dwelling in this beautiful kiosk with an enormous leaking roof with my colleague yoghurt sellers at Kaneshie First Light. We would pack ourselves like sardines and we harboured deep-seated disdain for the rain due to our mammoth leaking roofs which compelled us to stand until the rain comfortably halted. And oftentimes, we would sleep outside because of the overpopulated “room”.

In a space of 6 years, I’m pursuing Educational Psychology at UCC but in distance education and working simultaneously and I have been able to meet prominent people and go to flamboyant places. I’m working indefatigably to publish my poetry collection soon and reading voraciously to become a prolific writer, philosopher, lecturer, playwright (author and stage) and many more. I want to become a jack of all trades and a master of all.



As I bring down the curtain, I have thrived since 2015 when I first stepped on the fertile soil of Accra from Kumasi. I am in competition with my past. I’ve come a bit far and there are more steps to climb to get to the zenith of my goals. However, I want to personally, with your utmost support thank Jehovah God for all he has done for me. With tenacity coupled with gigantic optimism, our dreams will actualize. The future is blissful. Are you ready?


May God continue to bless us all abundantly and superabundantly. Amen. Peace and love

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