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Introducing, an e-commerce platform for made in Ghana goods


on is a newly established e-commerce shop based in Accra-Ghana that deals in the sales of all kinds of African products made right here in Ghana.

Our mission: shall endeavor piece by piece, product by product to enlighten, educate, and re-orient our customers to Ghana’s rich history and culture and Africa as a whole.  Each product depicts the typical combination of history, creativity, and the conservation of African heritage. We will introduce a hint of Africa to the world by delivering original superb hand-crafted clothes and sculptural design features from Ghana. Then that will cultivate and replenish seeds of recognition and pride in African culture’s uniqueness. We just want to promote Africa’s culturally rich relevance to the world and motivate Africans to rediscover bits of their genealogy and ancient civilization. Throughout the approach, we want to improve the prominence and awareness of African craftsmen’s ability and exceptional workmanship. We want to achieve this goal by offering all sorts of African products, including arts, crafts and wearables.



Why choose ?

Made in Africa products only:

One of our main goals at is to support the use of made in Africa products. For that matter, all products you see on our website is made in Africa products, made in Ghana to be specific so you can be rest assured that anytime you buy from, you as an African, are supporting the use of African products course.

Product customization:


Every product you see on our site can be customized to your satisfaction. For any form of customization, you can reach us via our email: [email protected]


Buying online and having products delivered at your doorstep has become the order of the day since its mush convenient and also time saving. Having this in mind, we at wish to provide a flat rate of GHC 10 delivery to all customers within Accra.



Services we provide

We deal in the sales of all kinds of African / handmade products. Below are among the products we sell but not limited to

  • The well-known and luxurious Bonwire Kente, northern Kente, fugu/batakari (both genders)
  • Clothes: kaftans for both men and women, easy wear dresses, 3 in 1/ agbada, African print t-shirts and jackets
  • Leather products: shoes, slippers, sandals, etc.
  • Beaded products: slippers, bags, bracelets, anklets, necklaces
  • Arts and crafted products and among many others.



It is our aim at to reintroduce Africans rich cultural and the way of life through the sale of African products through the internet to the world. Join this course by purchasing from our shop,


Do you own a gallery or a shop or do you produce made in Africa products and want us to sell your products on our site, reach us via our email: [email protected].

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