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BabyFEST Ghana 2011 gets exciting



It’s the most exciting and interactive baby to toddler Festival-Marketplace ever to arrive in Ghana being organized by Ticklz N’ Gigglz events and consulting. With a combination of their signature events which consists of a pageant (The “PUSH” pageantÓ), summit (BabySUMMITÓ) and a fair (BabyFAIRÓ), BabyFEST Ghana 2011 offers baby advice and shopping all under one roof. This event will engage prospective parents, new parents, baby lovers to celebrate everything baby to toddler using recreation, education and healthy interactive activities to showcase “the first step to Bump, Push & Giggles! This is going to be the most sought after baby to toddler event ever to be celebrated annually in Ghana.

Stay glued to your pacifiers because BabyFEST Ghana 2011 is coming your way from March 25 to 27th, 2011. Supported by the Ministry of health and partnering with major local and international organization and media, this event further aims to help achieve the Millennium Development Goals i.e. Reduce child mortality, Improve maternal health, Promote gender equality and empower women.  BabyFEST Ghana 2011 will be committed to its social responsibility by proudly supporting the “Saving Mama” Campaign by Empower Ghana which aims to facilitate timely access to skilled medical attendants and services to underprivileged mothers in the underserved rural and urban areas by helping to provide bicycle ambulances for the communities. BabyFEST Ghana 2011 will also launch a campaign to raise the awareness of pre-mature babies in our communities and medical malpractices which have caused the death of many mothers during childbirth.

BabyFEST Ghana 2011 will combine Education, Recreation and Wellness to showcase and celebrate the beauty of motherhood and the art of parenting. Paying careful attention to babies, engaging them and having keen interest in their development is a long-term investment every parent needs to make.

The “PUSH” pageant – Where Bumps Bump!©  is going to be one of a kind to look forward to. It is the first signature Pregnant mothers pageant in Africa. Stay drooled for details coming soon.

BabyFAIR will offer parenting advice and shopping all under one roof, enabling attendees to discover services, information and products available as they walk through exhibition stands covering everything from Pregnancy, Birth, Babies to Toddlers. Information on adoption and In Vitro fertilization will be provided for childless parents to also share in the joy of parenting. Hospitals, Banks, daycare centers, nutrition experts, pediatricians, pre-schools, specialists, midwives and many more are encouraged to participate and showcase their services.

BabySUMMIT will take place during the evenings of the 2 day BabyFAIR Paediatricians, Gynaecologists and child experts will deliver unique and often overlooked issues in the most interactive, but educative way to parents.

There will also be a play area, music, dance, free face painting, play balloons, crafts, and many more to keep the children happy. There will be the chance for parents and kids to enter free competitions and win free goodie bags each day. For more details visit www.

All interested sponsors, agencies, media partners, conference facilitators, NGO’s, advertisers and vendors can email