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Be supportive of your kids talents; funny people in the industry might take advantage of them- Mzvee advises



Ghanaian Afrobeats diva, Mzvee is encouraging parents to support their kids when they decide to pursue a career in music.

Speaking in an interview on TV3, ‘NewDay’, the ‘Come and See My Moda’, singer disclosed that there are ‘funny people’ in the music industry and the only way to be safe as one who is aspiring to be a musician is to be patient and obedient to your guardians and receive the support you will need.

“There are a lot of funny people in the industry, you can protect your kid by just being supportive. I always tell people, okay you want to do this music thing just be patient, you don’t have to do away with what your parents are telling you do, you just have to try to find a way to balance so they can be supportive as well while you’re doing what they want you to do and then you can also pursue what you want to do so that’s the trick for me.


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She continued; “Don’t completely stray away from what your parents are saying you should do, just have a good balance of the two so that the support can be there.”

According to Mzvee, being a female can be a huge challenge for you to thrive in the industry because the ‘funny people’ might want to take advantage of you.

“But they need to support their kids because there are a lot of funny people their kids will meet along the way, this music industry is crazy, especially being a girl I’ve met a lot of funny men, people who want to take advantage of you because you’re trying reach a certain goal, so the moms really should be there for their kids, moms, dads should be supportive so their kids don’t end up in wrong hands,” she added.


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