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Big Brother Update: Day 2 in a wrap!

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Big Brother Update: Day 2 in a wrap!

Day 2 broke with a slow start for the majority of the contestants who refused to be roused by the energetic house music and loud sirens that greeted the new day. Munya and Tatiana were the first to emerge from their beds and made up for their housemates’ lack of energy by kicking off the day with a vigorous exercise session, stretching, squatting and jumping while the others snored.

Tatiana followed Munya’s lead as he started his morning sit-ups. After a solid half hour of energetic exercise, they did a double high-five and declared themselves ready to face the day.

Meryl has been spreading some love in the house already, first giving Sammi a sexy dance display and then spending some quality time with Munya. First, Sammi dropped his blindfold and discovered Meryl dancing right in front of him – and he was only too happy to go with it! Yacob, Hannington, Munya, Uti and Code were evidently envious and encouraged her – almost as much as Tatiana, who was also spurring Meryl on from the side-lines. Is this part of the ladies’ strategy?

Meryl then turned her attention to Munya, who also seems happy to play along. Despite all his talk about being more mature and more focused this season, Munya seems to have fallen for Meryl’s seductive moves – even though she’s already declared an interest in Hannington and Uti as well! Munya and Meryl have been sharing quite a bit of quality time lately, also giving each other back rubs.
Sheila took some time to give Hannington and Uti a “Conspiracy 101” lecture, advising them that without being allowed to conspire directly, the subtlest hint would have to do. She told them that their best option was to “walk past someone casually and drop the seed…”.

The housemates received their first weekly task this morning – and they’re guaranteed an exciting week ahead, especially since they’ve staked 100% of their Gold Stars (budget for the week) on their success! The housemates were given a combined 490 Gold Stars this week, which they will use to shop – but should they fail to impress Big Brother during their task, they risk losing it all.  They have been tasked with making mosaics of their country’s flag and preparing a two-minute speech about their homeland, which they will present on Thursday night.

Running simultaneously with the Patriotic Mosaic task will be the Hollywood Celeb Interviews. The housemates will interview each other on various aspects of their “fabulosity” on a couch in the garden.

Meanwhile almost all the housemates had some special requests for Big Brother during their diary sessions: Tatiana was after keys to two of her suitcases, Munya proposed Big Brother hand out awards to the housemates at the end of the show for things like Dirtiest Housemate and Hungriest Housemate and also asked for some prescription medicine he needed to take. Lerato asked for her green photo album while Mwisho is missing some of his ‘stuff’. Kaone asked for his toiletries and also for chillies and alcohol on behalf of the other housemates. Big Brother wouldn’t commit, answering each request by saying “Big Brother will look into it”.

Something else which came up during the diary sessions was the subject of relationships, with Big Brother probing to see where ties were developing. Most of the housemates were cagey about any signs of romance, but Lerato and Paloma had their say. Lerato pointed out a few possibilities, most notably that Munya and Meryl could be up to something. Paloma also mentioned Munya and Meryl and highlighted Kaone’s attraction to Tatiana. Jennifer didn’t want to give much away, just noting that Lerato & Meryl were close – naturally, because they share the house during Big Brother Africa season 2. She understood because she was also feeling closer to her Big Brother Revolution housemates, but thought that by the end of the second week, new cliques may have formed.

Ameyaw Kissi Debrah, known professionally as Ameyaw Debrah, is a Ghanaian celebrity blogger, freelance journalist, and reporter.

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