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Big Brother update: Day 3



“If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands” – that’s the way the song is supposed to go, but the All Stars have hilariously reworked it as they clean up in the morning.

Paloma, Kaone and Sammi lead the charge with Paloma coming up with some of the less subtle suggestions. “Hands” are replaced with other appendages, while “clap” has been switched out for words like “rub” and “scratch” – which makes for a nursery rhyme which should have an age restriction!

Hannington has said, since he got into the Big Brother All Stars house, that he is on a mission to end the rumour that he is a womaniser. He stated in one of his earlier diary sessions that he plans on meeting someone and pursuing them exclusively. On Wednesday, he revealed to Big Brother that the object of his affections is Sheila! Hannington explained that he wants to get to know her and see “on a other level what kind of person she is”.

A giant obstacle in his path, is that Sheila is taking her vow of celibacy so seriously that she even made up a song about it. Just after lunch, Sheila, Uti and Meryl were sitting in the kitchen when Sheila just broke into song. It wasn’t her most melodious effort, but it certainly got the point across!

The housemates settled down in the afternoon to watch the DVD explaining their next task – but there was no sign of Jennifer. They all had to be present as part of the task, but the Mozambican was nowhere to be found. Eventually, she arrived and was dressed up to the nines – and as she told her housemates, “beauty takes time”!

Mwisho decided that the housemates wouldn’t be allowed to sleep, so he took it upon himself to ridicule them for being back on Big Brother. He called them all “failures in society”, with Sammi bearing the brunt of his attack, who Mwisho said had come back to the show as his career outside the house hadn’t been a success.

Mwisho took his ribbing one step further when he boldly exclaimed that if Sammi was asked to do Big Brother again in a year, he wouldn’t hesitate. Sammi tried to defend himself, but to no avail. Mwisho continued, saying that all of the All Stars are “losers” for being back in the house – including himself.

After Mwisho’s odd outburst, Uti and Meryl decided to take it upon themselves to present awards to some of their fellow housemates as they lay awake long after midnight. Uti nominated himself as presenter, with Meryl as co-host. Complete with drum-rolls and dramatic pauses, the atmosphere was electric as the housemates waited in anticipation to hear which awards they would be receiving.
The awards included “Most Positive Spirit”, which Yacob proudly took ownership of, jumping up and down. The next award went to the housemates who, in Uti’s words, was “the overall failure” of the house – Mwisho! The Tanzanian, true to his humorous nature, shouted “I won! I won!” and graciously accepted it. The award for the housemate who covers up most quickly and is most often heard proclaiming “No, nothing happened!” went to Munya.

Lerato pointed out to the housemates that 11 of the 14 housemates in Big Brother All Stars are smokers. She said that in Big Brother Africa 2, only she and Meryl smoked – since Justice only stayed in the house long enough to finish one cigarette. Meryl quickly added that of the All Stars, only Uti, Paloma and Tatiana who don’t smoke. They spent some time analyzing their smoking habits, and talked about the cigarettes that Big Brother had given them. Looks like another Smoker’s Alliance may be brewing!