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Big Brother update: Housemates go green, love and second chances



This week Big Brother has challenged the Big Brother All Stars housemates to be greens-men and production designers on an Abacus Gardens Task. The Head of House, Munya briefed the Housemates that each day they would be given a new Task through which they would be creating props for a particular branch of the Entertainment Industry.The first Task would be Commercials then they would be expected to create a large prop for a Feature Film then for the presentation, they will have to create a piece for a magazine shoot. For the Commercial, the Housemates will have to solve a puzzle using the materials provided by Big Brother and Abacus Gardens.

Big Brother warned though that working with plants and flowers required a special kind of care, which could be new to some Housemates. “Your Task will be judged on how well Housemates handle their materials as well as your use of creativity and imagination,” the brief read.

Meanwhile it took Munya exercising his powers as Sheriff after Mwisho decided to be stubborn and insisted that the wager should either be 100 or 25 percent. Meryl, Munya and Uti settled for 75 percent while Kaone decided on 50 percent. In the end the Housemates settled for an average of 75 percent for the argument on the Task wager to come to an end.

However, once in the Diary Room, Munya told Big Brother that he had decided to take responsibility for the 75 percent Wager because the Housemates were not in a position to make a unanimous decision.

In the Barn Jen received a visit from an ex boyfriend. Musanyana was the name that Johnny Maocha called his ex girlfriend as he walked into the Barn. Jen creamed from inside the Barn, and ran right into Johnny’s arms. Although the other Barnmates were still in bed, Jen excitedly ushered Johnny upstairs and introduced them. This sparked a nostalgic discussion on previous guests in the Barn.

Staying in the Barn, Big Brother has revealed to the Barnmates that a minimum of two Barnmates will be whisked back into the main House to compete for the main prize at the end of Week 11.

Big Brother said the information was given to the Barnmates for their information, and to avoid confusion. The Barnmates were silent for a moment before actually raising their concerns about what Big Brother actually meant in saying “a minimum of two.”

Sheila stated: “That’s some bombo! A minimum, that means more than two.” Tatiana on the other hand decoded that it actually meant only one Barnmate would join them, before the two were returned to the House. Paloma said she wondered what Africa was thinking, while Jen pretended to be unmoved and started singing and dancing about.

In the spirit of going green, the Barnmates were tasked to create a beautiful flower arrangement and photograph it for a magazine. The Barnmates seemed to be having a lot of fun with their Task and occasionally snapped each other with Biggie’s camera.

Like the Housemates, they too wagered 75 percent for this week’s Task difference being, the Barnmates wholly agreed on this one. Code was a bit sceptical with the creations but later produced an arrangement that the Barnmates thought was stunning.

Big Brother gave them reference books and pictures but encouraged them to come up with original arrangements with a distinct personality. “When all arrangements are complete, Barnmates may choose a setting in the Barn in which to photograph it,” the brief read.

Lerato assumed the role of photographer, walking around the Barn shooting her Barnmates works of art. However, Tatiana said she was a good photographer and preferred shooting her own arrangement. On Thursday night all Barnmates will include their photographs in the Task Presentation. Big Brother will print Housemates’ photographs for this purpose. On Friday Big Brother and Abacus Gardens will donate the flower arrangements to a Retirement Centre so that others can enjoy them.

Later that day, during his Diary session, Munya told Big Brother that Meryl and Mwisho want to get married and have asked for a priest this Saturday 25 September. After Mwisho confirmed that he was looking forward to wedding bells come Saturday, Big Brother called Meryl into the Diary Room to hear her side of the story.

Meryl later clarified to Big Brother that she and Mwisho would like an Engagement party on Saturday, as a wedding wouldn’t be right without family and friends. Meryl made it clear to Big Brother that this was no joke but she would rather settle for an Engagement party for now. Throughout her session with Big Brother, Meryl kept saying “Mwisho you’re so dead!”

This week Mwisho, Meryl, Kaone and Uti are all up for eviction, this is after Munya saved himself and put Meryl up in his place.

Uti had voted for Kaone, saying he has never faced eviction before and Munya because he is HOH & can save himself. Munya nominated Meryl and Uti saying he could save either of them if one of them came up.

Meanwhile Meryl nominated Kaone, “ He has never been up for nomination – when he was up he saved himself” and Munya because as HOH he could save himself.

Kaone on the other had nominated Meryl, saying “I have nominated her ever since I got here.” He also nominated Mwisho.

Mwisho nominated Kaone saying, “We are only five & I am not prepared to put up Meryl.” He also nominated Uti.

In the Barn Tatiana voted for Mwisho and Uti while Paloma voted for Meryl and Mwisho. Code, Jen and Sheila all nominated Munya with Codes second choice being Uti, Sheila chose  Kaone and Jen nominating Mwisho as her second choice.