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Boost Your Mental Health Further By Drinking These Teas



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For those dealing with anxiety and stress, it is advisable to try things such as relaxation techniques, sufficient sleep, and regular exercises. If the problems get severe, talking to a mental health expert might help. For effective relaxation ritual, consider sipping a cup of herbal tea in the evening or the middle of the day. Moreover, some evidence supports the fact that herbal teas like loose tea contain properties that might help control stress. You can buy loose tea from tea bags online however, let us look at some of the best teas for mental health.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea contains antioxidants that can help alleviate the risks associated with health conditions such as cancer, digestive complications, and heart disease. You can also order and buy loose tea online to help if you are struggling with insomnia, depression, and anxiety. Kava Guides has exciting tips on how kava tea can be essential for those looking to enhance their immunity while getting calming effects. Kava, as well as teas like chamomile, are not the types of tea that is boring to take as they often come with a flower-like or earthy taste – or both!  If you like, you can add honey or lemon to boost its taste. This tea has some of the best reviews for its flavor and overall health effects.

Green tea

If you are looking for loose leaf tea that contains natural amino acids, then this is the one. Theanine is a component that is believed to enhance relaxation as well as cure an array of menta1 problems. For example, many users take theanine-based supplements to fight depression, reduce stress, and control anxiety. Though scientists are trying to find the health effects of theanine, they are yet to find any. However, some sources claim that theanine can be useful for enhancing brain function, calming the body, and lifting mood. Therefore, it might too early to recommend theanine for the treatment of any health conditions. However, by taking green tea, you can address various health complications in the body.

Sage Tea

Next time you visit a tea bag online shop such as Kent and Sussex Tea Company, try to find out about sage tea as well. This is one of the few herbal teas that might be simply amazing for improving your overall mental health. If what the research says is true, then sage tea might reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s and enhance the power of your cognition. Just like loose tea, sage tea is excellent for all ages and can be great for improving memory and mood. Also, this product can help limit the chances of being attacked by certain cancers.

Passionflower Tea

If you have ever tried to shop for tea bags online, there is a good chance you have learned a thing or two about passionflower tea. According to many studies, the product is extracted from different parts of the passionflower parts; it can be used to boost your overall mental health. It can be used in the form of loose leaf tea but has a flavor that you will like. By helping you reduce anxiety, passionflower tea might help you get better sleep. Better sleep is known to be a good way of enhancing mental health. It is even interesting that this tea can also be used by those undergoing opioid withdrawal.

Catnip Tea

Today it is easy to find catnip tea in any tea bag online shop. Just tell them what you are looking for, and you will be guided. It is essential that you use this tea to tame stress and anxiety so that you get quality sleep to improve your overall mental health. Though catnip tea is mostly used to solve a wide range of stress troubles, there is no concrete support to back the claims that it might have other health benefits. Some sources further suggest that catnip tea might have some stimulating effects when a certain level of it is consumed. You can get more information from reliable sources such as Kent & Sussex Tea Company.

Honey Lavender Tea

Before you start looking for tea bag offers online or offline, consider honey lavender tea for its mental health benefits. For instance, it is believed that this product might help calm your mind, relieve stress, fight insomnia, and relax your nerves. The product comes in a wide range of tastes, such as vanilla, lavender, and natural organic honey. This is the type of tea that you can sip at any time to unwind from your day.

Lemon Balm Tea

This is another type of loose tea that might enhance overall mental health and improve your skin elasticity; however, it is not a youthful potion or anything close to that. But if you are into lemon, then you might do great by drinking some of this. Instead of going for tea bag offers, you can try something with a flavor that you will like, especially when you need to unwind from the day.

Bottom Line


Albeit these are not your ordinary loose tea, they can tremendously improve your overall mental health. However, since there are many of them, you can only use one at a time. Therefore, you need to use one each day. With products from as Kent & Sussex Tea Company, these herbal teas should not have any side effects, but if you experience worrying changes in the body after using one of them, seek medical attention immediately. Also, your mental health is essential, talk to a professional if your stress or anxiety persists even after using most of the products discussed in this guide. We hope that this article has helpful information. If you feel that something is missing, kindly let us know in the comments.


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The Importance of Emotional Communication in Relationships



Communication in Relationships

A smile on the lips, a gentle touch, crossed arms, or even a mockingly contorted mouth – facial expressions and body language often tell us more about our emotional state than words do. A correct interpretation of emotions is the basis for communication, especially with life partners.

A good couple should always have good communication on an emotional level. This type of communication is the key to preventing possible conflicts and discussions in the relationship.

A psychologist who specializes in relationships and communication on shagle video chatnoticed that many couples today do not support this type of communication between themselves, causing serious problems for each other.

What is emotional communication

This kind of communication is centered on exchanging all of the emotions and feelings shared by a couple. Additionally, empathy is important because it allows each partner in the relationship to put themselves in the other’s shoes.

Emotional communication attaches much more importance to emotional language than to verbal language. Although dialogue is important to the couple, facial expressions and body language are much more important.

What happens when there is no emotional communication in relationships

The relationship may significantly worsen if there are specific issues with emotional communication:

  • One of the partners in the couple could be depressed, sad, or bored. This can lead to problems in the future as one notices that their partner is wrong, but does not know why.
  • In the other case, there is something that bothers one of the sides of the relationship, but they don’t say it and stay silent. Nonverbal language makes the other person feel that something is wrong, which creates distance between partners.

The importance of emotional communication in relationships

Maintaining good emotional communication with your partner is important for several reasons:

  • There will be much less conflict and arguments between partners. You can say things clearly without going to extremes.
  • Each partner has much more empathy for the other. This allows possible conflicts to be resolved better and peacefully.
  • The opportunity to share all emotions and feelings mutually.

How to achieve good emotional communication in relationships

  • It is important to start using different emotional verbs in communication: to love, to cheer, to cry, to empathize.
  • Recriminations should be avoided since they push the other person into a defensive position and raise the risk of future conflicts.
  • When dealing with a problem, it is important that both people want to sit down to solve it. It is better to postpone this conversation than to do it inappropriately. Therefore, it is very important to be able to respect everyone’s personal space.

In the end, verbal and emotional communication in relationships is equally crucial. Above all, each person must establish good communication with themselves, letting go of any unproductive negative thoughts. As a result, it’s critical to keep in close contact with the partner. To gain a first-person understanding of the other person, you should be able to listen to them and put yourself in their situation. In that case, every aspect of the relationship will be significantly improved, and everyone will feel extremely competent in living together as a couple.

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Toxic Productivity: How to Deal With It?



Toxic Productivity

If you have begun to notice that you are very tired from work, study, or household chores, you may have come across the concept of “toxic productivity”. In our article, we will find out what it is, how dangerous processing is, and how to avoid burnout in this case. (more…)

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The Lindsay Foundation builds Emergency Block at Achimota Hospital



lindsay foundation

The Lindsay Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in Accra, Ghana. (more…)

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Major highlights at Teachers’ Appreciation Day by Achimota School Class of 2002



IMG 20221208 WA0009

The Class of 2002 of Achimota School expressed gratitude to their teachers on the occasion of Teachers’ Appreciation Day in a spectacular event on Friday, December 2nd which will register as one of the best in the history books of the school. (more…)

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Lemonade Finance presents John Dumelo in “For Mama”



Lemonade Finance presents John Dumelo in “For Mama”

Lemonade Finance is a cross-border payment solution that enables Africans in the Diaspora to send money to Ghana and other African countries. The App is available on the iOS and Google Play Store.

On October 14th, 2022, Lemonade Finance announced John Dumelo, a veteran actor and entrepreneur alongside Deloris Frimpong Manso popularly known as “Delay” and Dr Likee as Brand Ambassadors.

In the heartwarming “For Mama”, he affirms the brand’s promise of helping Africans in the diaspora give back and build home. He brings this vision to life using Lemonade Finance.

As an entrepreneur, John Dumelo understands how the financial support of diasporans can be key to livelihood, education and small businesses in Ghana.

You can watch the video here:

“For Mama” is a celebration of giving back, according to Ayoola Salako, Brand Marketing Manager at Lemonade Finance. “This video is a love letter to the many Africans that already trust us to send the sweetness home” Furthermore. “It is also an invitation to Ghanaians and other Africans in the diaspora, to trust Lemonade Finance as the best way to send money home

instantly, at the best rates and at zero fees”.

You can download the Lemonade Finance app on the iOS Store or Google Play Store. Customers who use the code DUMELO during signup will get a $10, £10 or C$10 cashback when they send over 100 Dollars, Pounds or Canadian Dollars to someone in Ghana or any other supported African countries.

Find out more about the possibilities of Lemonade Finance on this dedicated page for Ghana.

About Lemonade Finance

Lemonade Finance was founded on a simple goal, to make it easy for Africans to send and receive money from home easily.

With Lemonade Finance, Ghanaians in the UK, USA and Canada can send money to mobile money and bank accounts, at the best rates, instantly and at zero fees.

The Lemonade Finance app is used by thousands of Africans in the United States, Canada and the UK to send money back home to Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and seven other African countries.

The Official Lemonade Finance channels are:


Twitter: @LemonadeFinance, @LemonadeFinGH


LinkedIn: lemonade-finance

YouTube: LemonadeFinance

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The legendary Billie Jean King



Billie Jean King

The Fed Cup was a highly entertaining female tennis competition where the best national squads in the world competed year after year. If you want to wager on these kinds of tournaments, you can use 1xBet for sports betting in Zambia, which is compatible with computers and mobile devices.

In 2020 the tournament was renamed as the Billie Jean King Cup. Let’s now review the career of the legendary player that gave her name to this competition.

Billie Jean King is a former tennis player from the United States. He played the sport in a professional manner between the years 1968 and 1990. The 1xBet Zambia website can always be used for sports betting in the best tennis tournaments and players from all over the world with the best odds too.

Incredible achievements

King’s career is full of achievements and accolades in both individual and group terms. If you want to wager on other tennis players who also constantly receive awards and recognitions, the platform site is what you need.

Some of the most important achievements she obtained throughout her career included:

  • being part of the United States team that won seven editions of the Fed Cup;
  • winning nine editions of the Wightman Cup alongside the team from the United States;
  • being number one in the singles and doubles rankings in various moments of her career;
  • and winning more than 100 individual tournaments.

The 1xBet website can also be used to wager on other fantastic tennis players as well. Billie Jean King also won competitions in doubles tennis and even mixed doubles, which makes her figure even bigger. In fact, she was also one of the founders of the WTA, which was established in 1973.

Lots of recognitions

Probably the biggest recognition that Billie Jean King obtained throughout her career was having the Fed Cup renamed after her. The games available at are a perfect option for trying to win great rewards while waiting for this tournament.

If that wouldn’t be amazing enough, the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center was also named after her in 2006. This is the tennis stadium complex used for the US Open. Many other accolades followed, including some that put her as not only one of the best tennis players ever, but also as one of the best sportswomen ever. Whenever other outstanding athletes perform, you can visit 1xBet and place all kinds of wagers on them.

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