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5 Greatest South African Batsmen of All Time



South Africa is the cradle for many outstanding athletes. In particular, it has produced some of the greatest batsmen in world cricket. Many of them already completed their professional careers, while others still have many sporting achievements to reach.

All South African batsmen are united by a passion for cricket, a desire to win, and incredible skill. Despite their natural talent, they reached the heights in sports, thanks to the diligence and hard work. The result was nationwide love and recognition. Cricketers from South Africa have achieved considerable results:

  • The conquest of many trophies;
  • Set a lot of world records;
  • Known for their athleticism and the will to win.

Counting all outstanding athletes will take a lot of time. Let’s shorten the all-time list down to five. Each fan has their favorite batsmen, but the achievements of these athletes cannot be denied. Here are the top five of the Greatest SA batsmen of all time by Parimatch official website in Tanzania.

Herschelle Gibbs

It is an outstanding athlete who is popular far beyond his homeland. His career is like a roller coaster. But the world he will be remembered for his 175 in the famous 438-9 match against Australia. This game is still used as educational material for beginners.

Despite the eccentric tricks on the field and in life, this athlete has built an iconic career and has become one of the most popular cricket stars in CA. Now, this is a successful head coach of the Rotterdam Rhinos who transfers his knowledge and puts into practice tactics.

Hashim Amla

Hashim Amla is an iconic person for South Africa. He proved that even his awkward backlift would not be a problem on the road to sporting achievement. The fact is that since childhood, he trained on the cramped streets of his city. It affected his technique but did not affect sports achievements.

He is South Africa’s sixth-highest run-scorer in Test cricket and first South African to score 300. His speed and technique hit opponents on the field. Now he has completed his career as a player and is a batting mentor.

Jacques Kallis

Jacques Kallis is known far beyond its homeland. First of all, it became possible thanks to his achievements. He is famous for 10,000+ runs and takes 250+ wickets (both ODI and Test); He spent a very bright career defeating eminent rivals in the composition of Cape Cobras, Royal Challengers Bangalore, and other teams.

Despite a considerable number of injuries, this batsman was able to become an indispensable part of the team and show a good game. Now he has resigned and is engaged in advising teams.

Shaun Pollock

It is a famous player in the past and is now a commentator. He took 10th place in all-time best-ever bowler rating (LG ICC Ratings). Shaun repeatedly became the best player in the match and always surprised opponents with impeccable technique.

During his bright career, Shaun Pollock set four world records, led the national team to significant victories, and became an example for most modern professional batsmen. His domestic and international career has developed as successfully as possible.

Gary Kirsten

This cricketer has established itself not only as a first-class player but also as a successful coach. Throughout his career, Gary Kirsten has received many awards and has performed internationally. He is remembered for his match-winning 76 in the final innings. He excelled at home games and the international stage and always dedicated his victories to South Africa.

All of the mentioned players showed their talents and proved the right to be called stars of South African cricket. They are remembered and appreciated for their contribution to the development of sports and the demonstration of beautiful skills.