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BSIFF and Chale Wote: Things to look forward to in Accra from August 11 to 26

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BSIFF and Chale Wote: Things to look forward to in Accra from August 11 to 26

Film and art lovers in the country and beyond are gearing up for the exciting times August promises from tomorrow; 11th August to 26th August. If you know, you know. But if you do not, fear not, there are some gists for you.

Two of Ghana’s biggest and arguably the fastest growing festivals on the continent namely, Black Star International Film Festival and Chale Wote Street Art Festival are scheduled to hit town this month.

Together, both festivals present a compelling reason to be in Accra for the next two weeks if you are a fan of films and art or if you are a foreigner or tourist in Ghana and looking for some cool events to attend.

Black Star International Film Festival

The Black Star International Film Festival (BSIFF) is an international film festival based in the capital city of Ghana. The 2018 edition kicks off tomorrow 11th August 2018 and continues with exciting activities till 18th August.

BSIFF started in 2016 and since then has captured the hearts of numerous people including filmmakers, fans and even the current First Lady of the Republic of Ghana. It brings together a whole lot of film lovers; filmmakers, film distributors, investors, fans and experts in the field, from across all walks of life and countries.

This year’s edition, under the theme “Film as a tool for National Development”, would be screening over thirty (30) selected films of different categories/genres and countries such as UK, USA, Ghana, France, Uganda, Spain, Brazil etc.

There would be exciting activities such as music concerts, open air cinemas, panel discussions and much more, throughout the festival, as well as high level networking opportunities for participants, in line with the festival’s aim of connecting the world to African cinema and building global connections through film.

There would be free and paid events. Tickets are available at Citi Fm, Joy Fm, MaxMart 37, Multi TV, Airport Shell, Silverbird Cinemas and Baatsona Total Filling Station. Tickets can also be bought via shortcode *447*7*222# on all local networks or at the gates of each event. Visit for more details.

Chale Wote Street Art Festival

The Chale Wote Art Festival is a festival that provides a platform for various forms of Art; Visual arts and performing arts, to be displayed and celebrated out in the street of James Town. Artists have the opportunity to showcase their works and talents. There would be a display of paintings, drawings, fashion, dance, poetry, live paintings/drawings etc throughout the festival.

The Chale Wote which literally means “Friend/Hommie/Fam let’s go” has since 2011 when it began, made a name for itself as one of the most patronised art festivals on the continent. Streets of James Town are crowded throughout the week long festival with over two hundred (200) locally based and foreign artists displaying and tens of thousands of people attending every year.

Basically, the streets of James Town are going to be lit for the most parts of the next two weeks and three days; from 11th August to 28th August 2018, as it serves as a venue for some BSIFF activities and the only venue for the week long Chale Wote festival.

Activities of the Black Star International Film Festival would be held at various venues including James Town, Silverbird cinemas etc and would end two days before the beginning of Chale Wote festival which would climax August; the month I like to call the month of Tourism, Arts and Culture.

By Baba Labanti

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