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Chris Attoh features in Season 2 of ‘A House Divided’ starring Lawrence Hilton Jacobs and LisaRaye McCoy



Chris Attoh breaks his streak of bad news with some good news for his fans, family and friends.  The actor will feature in season 2 of UMC’s hit series. ‘A House Divided’.

Announcing his role in the upcoming season which premieres on April 30, Chris Attoh wrote on instagram: “A House Divided Season II is Here!! Hey Fam, I pray this finds you & family safe and staying home, If you loved @ahousedividedumc season 1, then season 2 will absolutely blow u away The official season 2 premiere date is ‪April 30th‬ on The Urban Movie Channel.”

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UMC (Urban Movie Channel),  the first streaming service for Black TV and film from AMC Networks. last year  announced that it would continue its original series, “A House Divided” for a second season. The multi-generational family saga, which debuted with six episodes on the streaming network in July 2019, follows the members of a wealthy, prominent family in the Los Angeles community who deal with the loss of the family’s matriarch while uncovering and facing a variety of secrets and scandals.

The Sanders family is shaken when their matriarch, Pamela Sanders, suddenly dies. Cameron Sanders Sr. grieves while being investigated by the SEC. His sons search for answers but one soon spirals out of control, while his daughter finds solace in the arms of her cousin’s husband. Can the family find a way to face their enemies together, or will the secrets and lies tear them apart? A House Divided Season 2 finds Carissa Walker on a calculated war path as she solidifies her position as the new matriarch of the Sanders family. Starring Lawrence Hilton Jacobs, LisaRaye McCoy, Demetria McKinney, Paula Jai Parker, Brad James, Parker McKenna Posey, and Art Evans. Produced by Dan Garcia (New Kingdom Pictures)

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“The first season of ‘A House Divided’ performed incredibly well on UMC,” said Nikki Love, VP of Development & Production for UMC. “The response we’ve seen from viewers and our subscribers has shown us that this series has developed a very dedicated and passionate audience and they are more than ready for another season of the Sanders family’s antics. We look forward to delivering more juicy storylines and can’t wait to showcase the new dynamic LisaRaye and Parker will bring to the show.”

“A House Divided” comes from Dan Garcia, the creator of UMC’s Daytime Emmy nominated series, “Bronx SIU.” Currently in production, Season 2 of the series is slated to return in the spring of next year.