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Cisco 300-420 and Exam Dumps: Complete Guide to Preparing for New Cisco Certification Program



If you want to obtain the CCNP Enterprise certification, you have to pass two exams. The first of them is Cisco 350-401, which covers mainly core enterprise technologies. You will need to have in-depth knowledge of operating and implementing Cisco enterprise network core technologies.

The second one to pass should be any of six concentration tests that will help adapt your credential to your chosen technical area. Thus, Cisco 300-420 is one of them, and in this article, we will talk more about it. Please note that it focuses mainly on designing Cisco enterprise networks. Those candidates who want to demonstrate their knowledge of using Cisco products usually go for this exam. So, what else do you need to know? Let’s find out!

Why do we recommend you choose the Cisco 300-420 certification exam?

If you’re trying to build a successful career, becoming a Cisco certified specialists is definitely the way to go. Many companies, big and small, are using Cisco software and network software. No one can deny that Exam-Labs Devnet associate, Devnet professional CCNA 200-301 DEVASC 200-901 ENARSI 300-410 VCE Brain dumps Exams. Products are superior to other competing organizations because they are constantly enhancing their technologies and adding improvements. If you want to lay a concrete foundation for a career in enterprise design, then passing the Exam-Labs Cisco CCNP 300-420 ENSLD is a very solid selling point. It will give you an edge when looking for a job or seeking promotion to a more advanced job role in your company.


What are the topics that you should learn in the Cisco 300-420 certification exam?

You have to be prepared that this 90-minute exam will gauge your knowledge of enterprise design, mainly on how well you can go about conceptualizing a layout that defines the framework as well as the process of an organization. It will be upon you to come up with the ways in which your client can be able to effectively accomplish their future or current objective with their own blueprint.

You will be tested on routing solutions and advanced addressing. This section covers about 25% of Certbolt Cisco 300-420. The applicants are required to have in-depth knowledge of how to create scalable, stable, and secure routing design for various routing protocols, which include BGP, OSPF, EIGRP, IS-IS, and so on. Automation is another topic area that covers 10% of this test. The questions of this objective will be checking your knowledge on various data model sets, which enable the service providers to effectively manage their end-to-end networks. The next subject is a advanced enterprise campus network. This domain covers about 25% of Cisco 300‑420. For this section, you need to have a certain level of understanding of how to build frameworks that give access to network communication resources and services to end users and systems.

The network services section covers 20% of the exam. Under this subject, you will be evaluated on your knowledge of selecting and employing the appropriate quality service strategies so as to meet the customers’ requirements. Most of this topic area will delve into whether you have the knowledge of the quality of service policies and strategies or not.20% of Cisco 300-420 will focus on WAN for enterprise networks. About 20% of all the questions are dedicated to this objective. You must have extensive experience and knowledge of WAN connectivity options, as well as designing of high availability for enterprise WAN, site-to-site VPN, and WAN connectivity options. The questions are presented in a manner that presumes that you already have thorough knowledge and plenty of experience in navigating and controlling telecommunications networks.


What do you need to pass the Cisco 300-420 certification exam?

Preparing for Cisco 300-420 requires spending a considerable amount of money and time. If you fail the test, you will also waste your money and time. So, you need to be well prepared to pass this exam at your first attempt.

Cisco has made available sufficient study materials that you can supplement with other resources from other platforms to effectively prime you up for Cisco 300-420. One of the best sources is PrepAway, you can check out what this site provides. You can find 60 practice questions and answers in the premium paid package or go for some of free ETE files. If you don’t want to waste your money but you want to get the most out of your time and effort directed towards the 300-420 exam, you should utilize these prep tools. Otherwise, you may end up wasting opportunities and funds.

There are also sample questions that are available for the candidates on the Cisco website. These questions are meant to walk you through all the different types of questions that are included in Cisco 300-420. This format of learning can show you the possible variants of questions that you can come across in the real exam. In addition, to practice questions, Cisco also provides videos that clearly demonstrate how you may be tested during this certification test.


You can also prepare for Cisco 300-420 through classroom training. There are the Learning Partners authorized by Cisco that teach classes led by the qualified instructors in many parts of the world. Through this type of preparation, you will gain the most comprehensive information from the Cisco experts.


Becoming a Cisco certified network professional is a great achievement because it demonstrates to your potential and current employers that you are investing money, effort, and time in developing advanced skills with enterprise networking solutions. This can shift their interest in your favor because it distinguishes your resume and makes it stand out from the ones of other applicants. To benefit from all these, simply take your Cisco 300-420 exam and earn your professional-level certificate today.

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