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CKay makes TIME magazine’s 2022 list of Next Generation Leaders




Today, TIME released the 2022 list of Next Generation Leaders, highlighting up-and-coming activists, innovators, artists and actors around the world.


The new list features a cover profile of Olga Rudenko, Ukrainian journalist and EIC of the Kyiv Independent, who speaks on her rise to the highest post of a relatively new media organization tasked with being the world’s primary source for reliable, English-language journalism on the war between Ukraine and Russia.

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Of the 2022 Next Generation Leaders list, TIME Editor-in-Chief and CEO Edward Felsenthal writes: ”At TIME, our eyes are on the rising stars poised to shape the future….Our international cover features one of these leaders, Olga Rudenko, the enterprising 33-year-old editor in chief of the Kyiv Independent, a startup that has quickly become the world’s primary source for reliable, English-­language journalism on the war in Ukraine….The ­Independent—founded in November by journalists who left their previous employer after a scandal over editorial integrity—is a remarkable example of the bravery it takes to keep reporting on a brutal conflict that hits so close to home. TIME contributor Lisa Abend has been speaking with Rudenko since the first week of the Russian invasion, and we are thrilled to be able to bring the story of this enterprising editor and her colleagues to you.”


–See the full 2022 Next Generation Leaders list here:

–See the international TIME covers here:




Aespa,  19, 21, 21, 22, K-pop girl group

Bilal Baig, 27, Canadian actor and writer

Bolor-Erdene Battsengel, 29, Mongolian tech minister

CKay, 26, Nigerian singer

Deepica Mutyala, 32, American beauty entrepreneur

Jaz Brisack, 24,  American labor organizer

Jonathan Bailey, 34, British actor of Bridgerton fame

Maximillian Davis, 27, British design star

Olga Rudenko, 33, Ukrainian journalist and EIC of the Kyiv Independent

Rinzin Phunjok Lama, 30, Nepalese conservationist




On Olga Rudenko: “The staff of The Kyiv Independent knew war was coming. They had spent long days in February reporting on an invasion that high-level sources had told them was imminent… In the days and weeks to come, the Kyiv Independent would become the world’s primary source for reliable, English-language journalism on that war… Those are high stakes for someone who never expected to be in charge… After an internship at a local paper, she moved to Kyiv in 2011, where she landed a job at the Kyiv Post, Ukraine’s only English-language newspaper at the time… Rudenko didn’t know about that prestige when, in 2011, she got a job as a lifestyle reporter at the paper’s recently launched Ukrainian-language website. All she knew was that she found the newsroom terrifying. Struggling to keep up with conversations in English, she felt overwhelmed. Rather than running away from her anxiety, she ran toward it.”


On the start of The Kyiv Independent, Olga Rudenko tells TIME: “We are starting this ambitious project that is based on values we really, really believe in, which is independent journalism and we are doing it at the same time as our country is fighting this war for survival.”


On Maximilian Davis: “For Maximilian Davis, fashion isn’t just a career choice—it’s part of his family legacy. growing up in Manchester, England, in a close-knit Trinidadian-Jamaican family, his sister and mother modeled, and his father studied fashion design. When he was 6, his grandmother taught him to sew on her industrial machine, which he used to design unique clothes—including a pair of trousers repurposed from a sweater… This foundation proved crucial this spring when Davis, 27, was named creative director of Salvatore Ferragamo…The appointment of a rising star in the design world signaled a fresh new chapter for the establishment brand and for an industry that has few Black executives.”


Davis tells TIME: “I think the best collections are the personal ones where people can feel a part of the story…If they can relate to something, it always translates.”


On Jonathan Bailey: “After being scouted in a ballet class, he went to work for the Royal Shakespeare Company at the age of 7…He’s since become an accomplished stage actor, starring opposite Ian McKellen in King Lear and winning an Olivier Award for his performance in Company on the West End…Onscreen, too, he has appeared in a string of acclaimed series, from Broadchurch to shows by beloved creators Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Michaela Coel. But it was the role of Lord Anthony Bridgerton, in the show adapted from Julia Quinn’s Regency-era romance novels, that anointed him as a global star…To see Bailey now, as a wholly convincing heartthrob on one of the biggest platforms in the world, is a quietly radical thing, and an auspicious sign of where Hollywood is heading.”


Bailey tells TIME: “Straight people playing gay roles, winning awards for it, and then being told that they’re brave…which is so demoralizing.”


On Bilal Baig: “Baig, who at 27 has already broken boundaries in the representation of queer, trans-feminine, Muslim identity on TV, started out in theater and was preparing to work in the nonprofit arts sector when the show was greenlighted… Empathy for kids who feel similarly alienated has driven their own work with youth, which they plan to continue by focusing on inclusion through the arts.”


Baig tells TIME: “I am really hungry to figure out how to continue to uplift other voices…Because if I start to feel like I’ve become the one person who needs to keep speaking about the nonbinary brown experience, the pressure becomes unbearable.”


On Aespa: “[T]he four stars of the K-pop girl group aespa have an important job to do—and they know the stakes. For one of the first times in their short career, they are performing for a live audience. And not just on any stage: the much hyped Coachella. Having launched in the thick of the pandemic in November 2020, aespa has only existed in a world in crisis. But there’s something that sets them apart: aespa also exists as four virtual avatars, each carefully crafted to match their human counterpart, in a fantastical metaverse, Now, they’re ready to prove they’re more than just what fans have seen on screens.”


On Deepica Mutyala: “When Deepica Mutyala partnered her beauty brand with Mattel to launch the first ever South Asian CEO Barbie doll—made in Mutyala’s image—she wanted to make sure it was authentic. Growing up in Sugar Land, Texas, she’d had to navigate both colorism within her South Asian community and Western beauty standards outside of it. (She recalls wearing blue contact lenses and highlighting her hair blond when she was younger, in an attempt to fit in.) And so the doll not only pairs a ‘power red’ pantsuit with Indian-style bangles and jhumkas—traditional South Asian earrings—but also has darker skin. “Whatever we can do to make people feel more seen,” says the 32-year-old entrepreneur.”


On CKay: “Ekweani’s gamble has paid off and then some: now known as CKay, the singer-songwriter-producer is already one of the most successful African recording artists ever on a global scale. That’s largely because of the success of his 2019 song ‘Love Nwantiti,’ which broke out at the start of the pandemic as a social media hit and has taken several victory laps around the world, thanks to viral dances and remixes. The irrepressible song has garnered almost 2 billion views on TikTok and 500 million more on YouTube, and has charted in six continents, hitting No. 1 in India, Norway, and Switzerland.”


On Rinzin Phunjok Lama: “Rinzin Phunjok Lama was 16 when he first saw a Himalayan snow leopard prowling the mountains near his home in northeastern Nepal—an encounter that changed his life. In the folklore of Lama’s Buddhist community, the snow leopard is a manifestation of the god of Nepal’s high mountain pastures, who appears on earth only when humans violate the natural order. In that moment, Lama says, he recognized that his homeland was in peril. Lama, now 30, has since dedicated his life to wildlife conservation. Unlike thousands of young Nepalese who leave rural areas in search of work, Lama returned to his home in Humla after graduating from college with a forestry degree. Even in this remote corner of Nepal, the effects of climate change are clear, with ancient water sources drying up and once snow-capped mountains left bare.… What makes Lama’s project unique is that it’s driven entirely by the people it serves.”


On Bolor-Erdene Battsengel: “In 2020, when Bolor-Erdene Battsengel would walk into work in Ulan Bator’s national parliament building, security guards would stop her to ask if she was a personal assistant or a janitor. She was neither—she was the youngest member of the Mongolian government’s Cabinet, appointed to help lead the nation’s digital transformation. The experience underscored just how difficult it is for young women in leadership…Hard work is what took Battsengel from a rural town on the Mongolian steppe to the center of government.”


On Jaz Brisack: “A Rhodes scholarship to the University of Oxford can open doors to elite worlds—to a life spent in boardrooms and at gilded galas…At the time, she was a student at the University of Mississippi who also volunteered on union picket lines. Going to a fancy school to learn about organizing, rather than doing it, lacked appeal…After Oxford, Brisack didn’t vie for a Yale law degree like Clinton, or a cushy consulting gig like Buttigieg. Instead, she got a job at the Elmwood Avenue Starbucks in Buffalo, N.Y. A year later, she organized the first successful unionization among staff of a corporate-owned Starbucks store in the United States.”


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Betty de Mould @ 70



Betty Mould

Leading up to the 2008 elections, the NDC political party had gained “notoriety” from people especially the opposition parties as being abrasive and aggressive.

I’m sure the party did an introspection analysis and decided to give a fresh face to the party and also introduced some fresh faces as spokespersons.

The likes of Dr. Alex Segbefia, Hon. Hanna Tetteh, Mrs. Betty Mould-Iddrisu amongst others.

I’m till this day spellbound anytime Mrs. Iddrisu speaks. Her great command of the queens language. I mean she is from British Accra (James town) what do you expect?

Her grace, charm and class always comes through. Such an @awula” her French tips finger nails 💅 was one to notice.

When NDC annexed power in 2009, she served the country in various capacities. Last I heard of her politically was when she contested for NDC Party Chairmanship.

Last week March 22nd 2023 marked her platinum jubilee as she turned the big 70 a septuagenarian par excellence.

The day was marked with a brunch at her residence and hosted friends and family to a high brow dinner at the plush Labadi Beach Hotel on Saturday the 25th 2023.

Here to share some pictures of what went down to mark the day.

I wish her the best on this 70th milestone. I say three hearty cheers 🥂

img 7682
An exceptional Lawyer with a rich experience in the legal field.
img 7681
Beautiful 😍
img 7683
With Professor Jane Naana Opoku Agyemang.
img 7691
With husband Alhaji Iddrisu
img 7680
img 7679
Go Betty
img 7677
The face beat is on point 💄👌🏾
img 7692
The dinner menu… It screams bougie!
img 3407
Omg this is gorgeous
img 7690 1
Joyce Bawa Mogtari, leading member of the NDC
img 7686
Former Attorney General, Hon. Marietta Brew
img 7685
Emefae Hardcastle, member of NDC legal team.
img 7689
The chief organizer herself 🙌🏾 Obuobia
img 7688
Edudzi Tamakloe and Obuobia, boogie down!
img 7687
Victoria Hammah and JB

Written by Nana Kwesi Acquaye

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Pura Collaborates With The Metropolitan Museum Of Art On A New Collection Of Fragrances



Today, smart fragrance company Pura announces their collaboration with The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York to introduce a collection of six fragrances. The scents were developed to enable customers to experience art across time and cultures through fragrances inspired by extraordinary pieces at The Met.
The Pura smart fragrance diffuser plugs into any wall outlet and uses wifi and Bluetooth technology to connect to an accompanying app that allows customers to adjust fragrance intensity, set schedules and timers, switch between scents, and more with fragrances that are clean and safe. Founders Richie Stapler and Bruno Lima designed Pura to be a sleek enhancement to any room while capturing the power of fragrance to make life better and more memorable.
When creating the scents, Pura’s Chief Fragrance Experience Officer Mara Dumski said, “We were so excited to work with The Met to develop scents connecting back to their inspiring collection of art. Aiming to evoke moods and tell a story, our collaboration offers an entirely new way to experience The Met collection of 5,000 years of art while also creating a sense of home and personality through art-inspired fragrance.”
“As fans of Pura, we are excited to launch this unique home fragrance experience which adds a new dimension to art appreciation,” said Josh Romm, Head of Global Licensing and Partnerships at The Met. “Art has the power to create connections and transport people across time and place, and this program provides a new and exciting opportunity for fans of The Met to experience art, history, and cultures of the world from the comfort of home.”
All compatible with the signature Pura smart fragrance diffuser, the fragrances included in this collection are:
  • Blue Water Lotus: This refreshing, floral fragrance represents the beauty of lotus flowers depicted in carvings on the Temple of Dendur. Notes of blue water lily, blooming jasmine, and grounding undertones of frankincense and myrrh beautifully round out this efflorescent scent.
  • Egyptian Sandalwood: This musky, woody fragrance recalls the Egyptian landscape and pays tribute to the significance of art and architecture in Egyptian rituals and culture. Cardamom and Ancient Egyptian incense blend with papery papyrus, rock rose, sandalwood, and cedarwood, creating a warm and inviting scent.
  • Bamboo Forest: The structure and order of the Astor Court contrasts beautifully with the flora found within. Fresh notes of bamboo blend with orchid and plum blossom. Cooling Chinese eucalyptus soothes the senses as sandalwood and patchouli ground in this calming scent.
  • Spiced Woods: This woody fragrance draws inspiration from a serene mountain retreat, highlighting the juxtaposition of a man-made structure nestled in an organic location. Himalayan azaleas blend with Indonesian balsam, cypress, and sandalwood, creating a warming, spiced scent.
  • Terracotta Rose: This earthy yet refreshing fragrance represents the detailed work of Greek artisans with salt and mineral notes blending seamlessly with earthen terracotta. Geranium and muguet bring floralcy and brightness as herbal undernotes of rock rose and cypress give beauty and balance to this tranquil scent.
  • Perfume Immortelle: This uplifting fragrance represents Roman artisans’ dedication to detail, movement, and humanity. The sweet immortelle flower, which never fades nor wilts, represents the enduring quality of the magnificent Roman marble statues. Bergamot and olive flower lend a bright freshness, blending with a base of cypress and myrrh.
Each fragrance retails individually for $21.99, and sets retail for $89. The collection will be sold on, part of the Impact affiliate network, and at The Met Store and online at
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Kati G Responds to Decriminalization of Attempted Suicide In Ghana



Kati G spearheads Suicide Awareness Ghana

Finally suicide can be acknowledged as a mental health issue and not a criminal act that would land you in jail or persuade an individual to commit the act of suicide to avoid jail time .

It was obvious why real cases of attempted suicide haven’t been recorded properly or why most people have feared to come out and declare their own personal mental health struggles. Being jailed for a mental health struggle is not a solution.

Like others I celebrate and commend parliament for taking the right steps and actions to decriminalize suicide and focus on providing help as an alternative to reduce suicide and educate the public on the subject.
As a Mental Health Advocate I will make it my personal initiative to educate the public on suicide awareness to prevent the rise.

Kati G.
Let’s Talk About It: Suicide Awareness Ghana

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The 7th Ibero American Film Festival Held In Accra



46e421f9 50aa 4705 bc36 12e490adf731

This year’s edition of the Ibero American film festival was held from Wednesday 22nd March to Wednesday 29th March 2023 at the Pacific Alliance, located at Airport Residential Area in Accra.

The festival was dedicated to the memory of the late Mexican Ambassador accredited to Ghana, Gambia, Liberia, and Sierra Leone, H. E Enrique Escorza, who passed on in November 2022.

Being the seventh edition, the Ibero American film festival screened a variety of projects including features, short films and documentary films by Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American filmmakers.1749300f 1ecd 433c a2f7 cb0d1739bf31

The film festival held each night from 6PM has the aim of promoting Ibero American stories, culture and messages of social impact. In addition, it showcases acclaimed films by directors from Brazil, Spain, Columbia, Cuba, Peru and Mexico with a diverse range of Latin American context and perspectives.

This year, the festival opened with the Columbian movie, Jerico; the infinite flight of days. Jerico is a film, which reflects a colourful, poetic and lush journey in a beautiful Colombian village, Jericó through the eyes of eight women of all ages and social conditions.

Other films including Achero Mañas’ directed Spanish drama film, El Bola, Cuban drama, Habana station, Peruvian movie, Viaje a Tombuctu Pixinguinha, and Brazilian project, Pixinguinha, were also screened.

Spanish Ambassador to Ghana, H.E Javier Gutierrez, Peruvian Ambassador to Ghana, H.E Abel Antonio Cardenas Tuppia and the Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy of Mexico in Ghana, Arturo Agustín Salazar González, spoke about the importance of the Ibero American film festival.

The 7th Ibero American film festival closed on Wednesday, 29th March 2023 with the Mexican movie La Buenas Hiebas

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Listen to Nana Asamoah cover the classic Cyndi Lauper song ‘True Colors’




Nana Asamoah is excited to announce the release of his new cover song True Colors, available now on YouTube. (more…)

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AirtelTigo empowers students of Presbyterian Senior High and Technical School to Maximize educational potential



AirtelTigo Presents GHS 15000 to SRC of PSHTS

As part of its activities for the month of March in honor of International Women’s Day, staff of AirtelTigo interacted and donated to students of the Presbyterian Senior High and Technical School, Larteh in the Eastern Region during their Student Representative Council week.

During the day-long event, staff spent the day interacting with the students on various topics including embracing equity, Goal setting and Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). The students – comprising 70% females and 30% males were encouraged to explore various career paths and not restrict themselves only to what they learn in senior high school.

Presenting a cheque of GHS 15,000 and books to the students, Atul Narain Singh, Chief Marketing Officer at AirtelTigo, encouraged them to focused on their education and continue to do their best in their various courses. “He spoke about the vast opportunity available to them in a telecommunication company like AirtelTigo and expressed the willingness to have some of them intern or work with AirtelTigo after school in future.

AirtelTigo empowers students of PSHTS

Nancy Assor Asiedu-Amrado, Head of Brands and Communication at AirtelTigo, in her interaction with the students, highlighted the importance of maintaining balance in their academic life and gave them some goal-setting tips as well as she encouraged the students to learn how to say no to sexual advances and to stand up for themselves, if they find themselves in similar circumstances. She also cautioned the teachers not to entertain any form of bias in teaching the young girls and boys, but embrace equity.

Alex Offei-Lartey, AirtelTigo Head of Digital Marketing and New Product, also discussed the importance of attaining equity. He spoke on the topic “Boys are not left out: gender equity.” He spoke with the male students, who shared instances of how they supported and helped the female students.

The Director of Due Diligence and Planning, Esther Gyamfi, also shared a personal experience of how she leveraged on technology to advance in her career. Her life story provided inspiration for the students.

Sarah Odei-Amoani, GMB 22 representative for Eastern Region and Ghana’s STEM Ambassador was also present to grace the occasion. she urged the students to explore the many possibilities open to them in STEM education.

In her closing remarks, the headmistress of the school, Gladys Oforiwaa Okyere Otu, expressed gratitude to AirtelTigo saying. “On behalf of the staff and students of Presbyterian Senior High and Technical School, we are extremely grateful for your time and donation. For busy professionals like you to take time off your schedules on a weekday to travel and spend the whole day with us, it makes us feel special.”

Staff of AirtelTigo also toured the school facilities and had informal one-on-one sessions with the students.

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