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CORONAVIRUS: An African themed poem



I hear a sudden voice roar from the North
They are voices of agony and pain
I hear of an uprising in the south,
They talk of spears in the heart of children, the youth and the aged
No one seems to escape this time.

The trumpet has blown,
For the first time soldiers are in white coats
Going to war with an enemy whose face remains unseen
The night has grown dark,
A huge storm has come,
Swiping through the lengths and breaths of the earth

I hear the stumping of feets
Feets of giants in the enemy’s camp
The missiles of the rich seem to be failing
The poor yet again exposed,
Yes, counting the stars and hoping that tomorrow will come again

I hear the sounds of the loudest gong gong beater
He announces that even the Kings have hidden their faces
I hear loud voices wail in the East
This Enemy succeeds in keeping lovers apart

A great plague has hit the earth
Not even the West could withstand it
Life may never be the same again
But we cling unto faith
And hope that Science would prove its worth one more time

I hear the Chief Priest Chant in the wilderness
Show your Face!!! Show your Face!!!
For even the city Guards had left the city gates
I hear the Chief Priest Chant in the wilderness
I know your name !!! Yes, I know your name!!!
CORONAVIRUS, this is not your place!

By: Setor Abra Norgbe(Aby St. Claire)

Facebook: Setor Abra
Instagram: @setornorgbe