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Court adjourns Cruise People Limited, Black Sherif case to November 16



The Adenta High Court has adjourned the Cruise People Limited and Black Sherif case until November 16, 2023.

The court has instructed both parties to submit their legal arguments by November 2, 2023.


The central dispute revolves around jurisdiction. Black Sherif contends that the contract specifies the United Kingdom as the appropriate legal venue, while Cruise People Limited argues that the Adenta High Court has jurisdiction since both parties are Ghanaian entities operating within the country.

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To provide context, Cruise People Limited had engaged Black Sherif’s management for a performance at their musical cruise event, “Afro Cruise Jam,” scheduled for August 19, 2023, in Greece. In expectation of the event’s success, the company paid an initial deposit of $20,000 to Black Sherif, expecting a video confirmation of his participation. However, Black Sherif failed to provide the promised video, leading to the cancellation of cabins on the cruise ship and an altered media encounter arrangement.

Unsuccessful attempts at an amicable resolution resulted in Cruise People Limited taking legal action against Black Sherif, alleging a breach of contract.


The court’s decision regarding jurisdiction will determine whether the case proceeds to a full trial or ends with a dismissal. The legal arguments to be submitted by both parties by November 2, 2023, will be pivotal in shaping the case’s future.

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