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Delayed Injuries From Car Accidents People Mostly Ignore



Motor vehicle accidents are very common in our society. In the United States, over 150 million cars are on the road every day. Thus, simply due to statistics car accidents are unavoidable. Car crashes can be due to various factors such as driver error, inclement weather, mechanical failures, or unlawful operations of a vehicle like drunk or reckless driving. These car accidents can cause severe injuries and emotional stresses for the victims.

It is important that they do not ignore their injuries and seek medical treatment immediately. The most common injuries from car accidents usually include blunt force trauma to the head or crushing of limbs, which can include broken bones and severe lacerations. Severe injuries are easy to identify from the victims and competent medical professionals. For example, a simple x-ray scan can determine broken bones, while a more complex CT scan can determine concussion. However, many car accidents might be minor and victims might simply walk away without noticing any apparent injuries. But over the course of several hours or days, they may feel worse. 


Some common delayed injuries include the following: 



Due to the adrenaline rush immediately following a car accident, most people might not feel head pain right away. Headaches can take several hours or days to be noticed or might not necessarily  be associated with the accident because they are a common ailment. However, headaches can be a signal to a very serious problem like concussion, which can lead to swelling of the brain and eventual death. According to Dallas brain injury attorneys, Headaches can also be due to a blood clot in the brain, which is a symptom of a traumatic brain injury. If headaches are ignored and a traumatic brain injury has occurred, it might be followed by signs of dizziness, blurry vision, memory loss, seizures, and eventually respiratory problems. Thus, it is very important that delayed headaches are not ignored and a medical professional is seen right away to make a proper assessment of whether they are common headaches or whether they are due to something more serious as a result of a motor vehicle accident. 

Neck and Shoulder Pain: 

Whiplash is usually the most common delayed injury that is linked to automobile accidents. Whiplash occurs when the nerves, joints, and muscles are overstretched beyond the normal range of motion as a result of the seatbelt holding you in place and the instantaneous deceleration which a vehicle comes to after an accident. This usually leads to delayed pain in the neck and shoulders, which will often require at least an x-ray and either a CT scan or MRI to be properly diagnosed. The treatment goals for neck and shoulder pains usually involve controlling the pain, restoring the normal range of motion, and adjusting the body slowly back to normal activities. Pain management is usually done with rest, over the counter medications, prescription pain relievers for more severe pain, muscle relaxants and/or injections depending on the severity. Doctors usually prescribe a series of exercises to stretch your muscles and joints so that normal motion is achieved. 

Abdominal Pain: 

Abdominal pain is another type of symptom from a vehicle accident that can go unnoticed for several days and can be fatal if it goes untreated. Abdominal pain is also an ailment that might be confused with something not related to a vehicle accident like a stomach virus. This is why often it is left untreated. However, this is very dangerous because abdominal pain can be a sign of internal bleeding as a result of trauma. Abdominal pain can be caused by blunt trauma from a vehicle or from liver, kidney, or spleen lacerations from the blunt force of your torso hitting the steering wheel for example. Abdominal pain can cause swelling and lead to dizziness and fainting if too much blood is lost. A person should visit the emergency room immediately after experiencing abdominal pain and complete an ultrasound or CT scan to determine whether they have internal bleeding or not. If internal bleeding is the case, doctors might decide on emergency surgery depending on their observations, which can be life saving.

Back Pain: 


Back pain is usually another delayed injurious effect which can be due to a motor vehicle accident. Back pain can be due to sprains or strains in the muscles around the back, but they might also be due to damage around the vertebrae or other ligaments around it. Because back pain is common amongst the population it might not be necessarily related to the accident by the victim, thus it is often left untreated for years. Back pain is usually reported in rear-end and side collisions and can be caused by even minor accidents. People can lose precious amounts of time by missing work due to back pain that is caused from a vehicle accident. Thus, it is important that a doctor is visited right away so that the proper medical evidence is gathered and steps are taken not only to cure the back pain but also to get properly compensated by car insurance companies for your damages. 

Numbness and Tingling: 

Numbness and tingling especially in the limbs can be a direct indicator of damage to the spinal cord and might not necessarily be present at the time of the accident. Sometimes, people with herniated discs can experience numbness and tingling and might not necessarily link it to the accident, however, a doctor should always be visited immediately so that they can perform the proper diagnosis and treatments for this symptom. 


The human body is complex and one might not immediately feel their injuries after a motor vehicle accident. Thus, it is important that people are aware of what some delayed injuries are and that they should seek immediate medical attention because symptoms can be a sign of something that can turn fatal if not properly diagnosed. Also, personal injury lawyers should be contacted immediately so that they can guide victims throughout the process of getting their bills paid if they suffer major injuries causing them to miss work and not be normal again.