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Did Counselor Lutterodt beg Mzbel for a phone to use in calling to insult her enemies? WATCH



Mzbel has posted a video to disgrace Counsellor Lutterodt after the latter made some damning statements about the musician during a live show on Okay FM, earlier this week.  An angry Mzbel, in an the video, revealed that the marriage counselor begs for money to fuel the car someone gave to him for free. She also added that she does not need anyone to employ her because she rather employs people. Therefore, Lutterodt’s comment on Okay FM suggesting that Mzbel was unemployable, does not hold water. She went ahead to say that no employer is ready to give Counselor Lutterodt a job hence his frequent jumping from one radio station to the other just to insult popular personalities in the country just to make chicken change. As if all these were not enough, Mzbel also claimed that Lutteordt who has had issues with many Ghanaian celebrities due to his utterances chased and begged her for a phone adding that he, Lutterodt promised to attack all who speak against her after he has had the phone Mzbel wrote “Councillor Lutterodt or whatever u claim u are…I’m the Boss of a firm that will employ your stupid grown ass when TV & Radio are done with u. And oh sir, my pumpum isn’t for old unemployed beggars like u… You need to be polished first. Bye.” Meanwhile she made sure her new single was playing in the background of the video as she vented her spleen. Go girl…we see you!]]>