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Eating local foods can help avoid hypertension and promote healthy living – Researcher



Researcher and library assistant at University of Ghana Medical School, Effa Baffo Gyamfi has disclosed on Kantanka TV’s morning show ‘Fontomfrom’ that, the western lifestyle exhibited by some Ghanaians could be the cause of hypertension.

He laid emphasis on the consumption of western diets such as fried foods, frozen foods, tin foods, caffeinated drinks, bread and the likes as causes of hypertension.

Effa Baffo added that eating in plastics and rubber materials encourage high blood pressure. He however recommended the use of locally made earthenware in local Ghanaian dialect ‘Apotoyewa’ as a healthy eating pot compared to the Western ones.

He continued that, to ensure a strong immune system and good health, Africans especially Ghanaians should desist from the consumption of junk Western diets and make organic foods their favourite consumable in their everyday life.

“To avoid hypertension and live healthy, consistently eat local foods and spices especially ‘konkonte’ and ‘apapransa’ and anything organic”, he advised.

Effa Baffo made this known in an interview with Abena Kyei Boakye, co-host of Kantanka TV’s morning show, ‘Fontomfrom’.

Story by: Kwaku Amoateng Kyei