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Emmanuel Adetomide – full of passion, style and swag!

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Emmanuel Adetomide – full of passion, style and swag!

Emmanuel Adetomide alias Ade Swaggerist, is an ambitious and driven UK-based Nigerian carting a path for himself as an independent model, event promoter and musician.  Born in Lagos to parents from Ondo State, he moved to the United Kingdom at a young age of 13 and by age 15, he started his affair with the world of fashion and modeling.

According to the South- East London man of many hats, he got into modeling because of his love for clothes.  “I love wearing new clothes and love taking pictures with them”, he comments. His sense of style is very urban and contemporary but isn’t too afraid to experiment with other styles as is evident in a project he is working on, called Street Executive. As the name suggests, it’s an attempt to add some executive look to swag of the streets.

I had a chat with Emmanuel to find out more him and his plans for his music and modeling.

Ameyaw Debrah: What type of modeling do you do?
I do all kind of modeling as long as it’s creative. I am also looking forward to explore ‘Street Executive’, something new I’m trying to work on.

Ameyaw Debrah:  What are some of the major jobs that you’ve done?
I have worked with various photographers and magazines, but the major one would be the project I am working on now, Street Executive.

Ameyaw Debrah:  Have you ever done any jobs in your home country, Nigeria?
I haven’t visited Nigeria since I moved to the UK but I am waiting for the right time. I think
the Nigerian fashion and modeling industry is going real crazy right about now in Nigeria. It’s going wild.
I believe there are great opportunities in there for so many young talents.

Ameyaw Debrah: Does modeling pay well?
At the moment it’s not the best pay for beginners but the well known ones are making their money big time in the industry.

Ameyaw Debrah: What’s your worst experience as a model?
My worst experience was when one of my photographers’ cameras broke while doing shots.
Ameyaw Debrah: People have bad perceptions about models. What do you have to say to that?
Well every one can’t be a fashion designer, engineer, farmer or pastor; someone has to wear the clothes to show people the quality and creativity of it. And if people do have a bad perception about models, they should all stop wearing clothes.

Ameyaw Debrah: What have been your highlights so far?

My highlight so far was when I won Mr. Nigeria/UK 2008. Also, when I was performing a track on the stage, I was wearing the best underground clothes… Hadi 2 Clothing and Coldkey Clothings… Big up

Ameyaw Debrah: What else do you do aside modeling?
I do so many things apart from modeling but the top 3 is music, event promoting ( and education. I do hip hop, good music, afro hip hop. My musical influences are from the likes of Common, Mos Def, Papoose, Fela Kuti, Arona Ishiola, Sound Sultan and the late Dagrin.

Ameyaw Debrah: What inspires your music?
I compose my music on freestyle, anything going on around me, fashion, my struggle and hustle. It’s another way to communicate with the world. I want to be heard out and that’s what inspires me. Music has always been part of my life, my mum sings, my brother sings- it’s in the blood. My role models are , my dad (May his soul rest in peace) and also my immediate older brother.

Ameyaw Debrah:  Music or modeling which do you see doing as a full career?
Both, they are like twins.  I love both.

Ameyaw Debrah:  Do you have any singles out?
I have loads of songs; a couple of them are already on YouTube.  But I am trying to shoot a video before I actually come out with a single, Hot like fire. The world should expect the best of the best. Where am from, we rather do the best or we don’t do it at all.

Ameyaw Debrah:  Who are your top 5 African artists at the moment?
Dagrin, Jhybo, Olamide, M.I, and Seriki

Ameyaw Debrah: What are your top 5 African songs at the moment?

Olamide – ‘Eni Duro’, Jybo – ‘9ja’, Ice Prince – ‘Oleku’,  Bibz- ‘Boju Boju’ (coming soon), and ‘Swagga Mi Ti Poju’ by me, Ade Swaggerist.

Ameyaw Debrah: What have been some of the challenges for you?
My biggest challenge is being the best in my generation

Ameyaw Debrah: What’s the fiercest or wildest photo shoot or job you ever did?
I did couple of nude pictures. Not scared to do it again

Ameyaw Debrah: What is your training regiment like?
Well I hardly work out these days. I can afford not to work out because I have a very slim body type. I party a lot o stay in shape. (Laughs out loud)

Favourite Designers
Gucci, Barley, Hadi 2, Cold Keyz,  Gabriel Love and Adidas

Favourite accessory

Shoes and I love gold

Favourite colour of cloths
My favourite colour is white but I do like colours that makes sense
Favorite perfume
Terre d’Hermes
Favourite photographer
DJ photos and PJI photos
Favourite African food
Pounded yam and vegetable soup

Ameyaw Kissi Debrah, known professionally as Ameyaw Debrah, is a Ghanaian celebrity blogger, freelance journalist, and reporter.

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1 Comment

  1. ibrahim sodiq (sodex)

    June 19, 2013 at 8:26 pm

    i will like to move with you as my boss

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