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Exclusive: Film school, failed music career and more… how Nollywood producer Christian John turned into an adult film star



Earlier this year, social media went agog with anger when the president of Nigeria described the youth of the country as ‘lazy’. Nigerian youths are certainly not lazy, majority of them are always out there finding ways to make their own living. A new phenomenon that has caught up with some Nigerian youths has been the production of amateur/ almost professional porn on the Internet. For a nation, that is largely seen to be traditional and religious, it is mind-boggling the rate such such content are churned out weekly, on the Internet.

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One person, who is unapologetically caught in web of ‘Nollywood Porn’ is Christian John, popularly known as Krissyjoh Chris. From afar, you would think the 31-year-old from Akwa Ibom State has it all. The Cross River State-born and Lagos- bred Krissyjoy holds a Bachelor of film Arts from the Open Window Institute, Centurion, South Africa.

He got into film making after spending so much money but achieved nothing from his first music album titled No Vex in 2009. He then started his movie-making journey with an indigenous Nigerian movie titled ‘‘Ini Abasi’’ in Ajegunle, Lagos, Nigeria. caught up with Krissyjoh to find out why he got into producing and acting porn, a new career that according to him has seen him taking up porn roles in Ghana, Spain, Italy, South Africa and Kenya.

What was your first Nollywood movie?

My first Nollywood movie was Trust No One. I produced it in 2013 and I think it was OK then but it can’t be compared with recent productions because we upgrade every day. Some people made bad comments while some people made good comments; I accepted all the critics and some corrections were made.

And after that what other titles did you work on?

I’ve produced movies like Dangerous Consequence, The Prey, The Next 7 Minutes, Ghetto Virgins, Welcome to Bateba, Triplet Criminalsetc. I’ve also worked with stars like Emmanuel Totolos (Labista), Julie Kelvin, Natty Bruce, Formula Effiong, Shan George, Esa Obuluwa, Chris Bassey, Charles Inojie, Chiwetalagu etc.What have been your challenges as a Nollywood producer? The major challenge I usually have is financial challenge. When there is sufficient fund before production commences, I think everything works smoothly.

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Is this why you branched into porn production?

I realized and discovered that porn business is lucrative and it sells faster than normal film. I earn more money in porn; I think it’s the best investment I’ve ever made.

Is this why Nollywood porn seems to be booming?

You said Nollywood porn is booming? Hmm! I never knew that because I’m not feeling the impact, I think we are still at the tail trying to come up.

But you said that porn business is lucrative and it sells faster than normal film…

I’m doing it for money because I earn higher with no stress unlike normal movie where you spend up to 1 or 2 months on location with millions of naira invested, and sometimes you make a loss.

So how do you make money from porn?

I make money from porn in two ways; 1. I sell it outright to some porn site owners 2. I sell it in some popular sites by uploading them and getting paid per view. I charge $2,000 per video from foreign producers who hire me to act in their porn films, $600 from producers in Nigeria.

So you have acted porn outside of Nigerian as well?

I’ve featured in porn productions in Spain, Italy, South Africa, Ghana and Kenya. I am currently discussing business with a Brazilian producer.Are these all out yet?

No idea because is not my production. I was just paid to act and go. Porn Film is not like normal film where you can get a copy from the producers.

How do people, including your family feel about this career path?

It’s my choice, no one can architect my life for me, my family has nothing to say about my career, I’m not a kid, I know what is good and what is bad. Only God can judge me.

Don’t you feel guilty corrupting the morals of people who watch your content?

I monetize my fornication instead of wasting it for nothing, it’s a normal sin which 98% of adults commits so I see no crime making money from it by entertaining people who likes it. . I can’t feel guilty because it’s just an entertainment for 18+; it’s not for everyone.

So do the actors in your productions have a similar motivation or you entice them with money?

80% of male performers willingly want to act but I don’t like free things, I normally pay them after shoot but they must be 25+. 99% of female performers wants to make huge money from it, they call me every day seeking for connection. I get my performers from online porn forums. I can’t just pick someone in the street to act porn.

Do you see yourself quitting anytime soon perhaps as you did with your music?

I don’t know for now, I’m still enjoying the business.