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Experience the Uplifting Fusion of Afro Rhythms and R&B Soul in NYA’s Latest Single “Good Days”



NYA, the talented singer-songwriter, is ready to turn heads with her latest release, “Good Days.” The single is an uplifting introduction to the last` installment of the Euphoria EP Series; ‘Noir Tales’.

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“Good Days” goes beyond being just a song; it’s an anthem of resilience and triumph over adversity. NYA’s heartfelt lyrics convey her personal journey of overcoming challenges and embracing brighter days. Through her powerful vocals and relatable storytelling, she inspires listeners to persevere and find hope amidst life’s obstacles.

Drawing from her Afrobeats and R&B influences, NYA has crafted a unique and universal sound that blends rhythmic beats and soulful melodies. This musical canvas serves the perfect base for the songstress to weave harmonies and heartfelt lyrics to touch the hearts of her listeners. With her signature style evident in Euphoria Vol. I & II, “Good Days” confirms that Vol. III will be a glorious climax, brimming with spirit and charm.


“Good Days” is now available on major streaming platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify,  Audiomack, and SoundCloud, offering listeners the chance to experience the transformative power of NYA’s music. 

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Instagram: [@IAM_NYA__]

Twitter: [IAM_NYA__]


Facebook: [Nyamusic]

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