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Features of the national cuisine of Ghana



The Ameyaw Debrah resource is an opportunity to learn a wide variety of Ghanaian news. Here you can read about celebrities and events in social life, and you can see exciting interviews that the creator of the resource takes from local celebrities. On his channel, you can also see various interesting recipes related to the national cuisine’s peculiarities.

Main features of the cuisine

Like other cuisines of the world, the cuisine of Ghana differs in national characteristics, which depend on the crops grown in the country, and on climatic conditions. In many ways, centuries-old traditions are practiced here. National dishes are prepared based on accepted traditions.

The kitchen is simple, but it is very fragrant. Dishes consist of pieces of stewed meat, fish, rice, and yam are often used as a side dish. Very often added:

  • onions;
  • chili peppers;
  • palm nuts.

But, as you know, the average Ghanaian people eat meat quite rarely. Most often, it is replaced by inexpensive fish. Cuisine’s specifics depend on the country’s region. Millet and corn are most often eaten in the north, and plantain and other root crops are very popular in the South and West. If we consider rice, it is the main food product throughout the country. Each ethnic group has its style of cooking They cook intuitively. It is important to note that dairy products are consumed extremely rarely, they can only be purchased in supermarkets, but soy milk is ubiquitous. If you are interested in the ubiquitous cuisine of Ghana, you can find videos of recipes on the exciting resource piratebay proxy list and carefully study them.

The most popular dishes

If we consider the main popular dishes of Ghanaian cuisine, then, first of all, it is the Kelewele side dish. It consists of tomatoes soaked in pepper, garlic, and plantain adds sweetness. Also, one of the popular dishes is read read, fried plantain with beans and red palm oil, often this side dish is served with fish. Jollof Rice is the favorite dish of any Ghanaian. It is cooked with tomatoes and vegetable oil, that is, rice acquires a unique red hue. It is ideal for meat and fish. The Waakye dish of beans and rice is also popular. This kind of rice is often served with fried plantain and whole-boiled eggs. Often, local herbs are used in the kitchen in different formats, but plantain is always in the lead. For example, Kontomire stew is prepared with tender leaves and salted fish with avocado.


If we consider soups and stews, they are trendy. The most popular are soups made of peanuts, palm, and rice which is often served with soup or stew. Meat in Ghana is any protein. Despite the fact that in Ghana, there is a law on the protection of endangered species of animals, you can also find antelope meat, local hares, squirrels, and even cane rats, it is cane rat dishes that are considered a delicacy in Ghana. If we consider bread, it is indispensable in traditional cuisine. Bread is baked from wheat flour or cassava flour.

Even if you study the cuisine, you will see that mainly those products that grow on this territory are consumed here. Rice is the most commonly used. As for meat, it is not a daily meal. More often, people can afford fish. Based on these factors, the main list of dishes of national cuisine is formed. The main thing for this cuisine is a rich taste thanks to various herbs and seasonings. All dishes are nutritious and rich and have a pleasant aroma.


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