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Five Tips to Help Boost Traffic to Your Blog



For anyone running a blog, you’ll know that creating great, engaging and colorful content is only half of the task. The other side to blog management is simply to find ways to get seen in a diluted world in which one in four people have, at one time, set up a blog.

This article is not so much about the content you produce and more about how you can ensure that it is being seen by the right people. With increased traffic and click-throughs, you’ll have the opportunity to make money from adverts, or to make connections with like-minded people on the world-wide-web. Here are five tips to help promote your blog.

Focus on Google Results

Some people tend to head to the internet for answers to all of life’s vital questions. They’re open their Google browser, type in what’s on their mind, and they’ll be returned a number of highly-regarded articles, blogs, sites, and businesses that relate to their search terms. You need to be there if the person typing on the end of that search will like your blog. To help rise up Google’s search results rankings, you need to onboard SEO services to help you plan a content strategy to build your traffic.

Create Multimedia

Some web users prefer to watch videos for their information onboarding, while others prefer long-form journalism, and others still relish the opportunity to click through a photography library that tells them a specific story. All of these media should be present on your site in order to appeal to the widest possible array of consumers who operate on the world wide web.

Partner and Network Marketing

Network marketing is an on-trend way to increase your business, blog, or personal exposure. By simply talking to other blogs and businesses that you appreciate, and asking if you can organize cross-promotional communications, you’ll be able to draw attention to your site by appealing to like-minded blog readers who appreciate the sites of your contacts across the blog-o-sphere.

Use Social Media

There can be no substitute for social media in the race to get more clicks and views on the content shared on your blog. Using both personal profiles and ‘pages’ to help promote and boost your blog posts is an absolute no-brainer: after all, if your friends won’t read your blog, who will? Send messages to some friends asking if they can share your blog within their network in order to gain further influence in the social media space, appealing to as many online users as possible.

Never Compromise on Content

While these strategies will help you make the most of the online space in order to draw traffic to your idea, reflections, and creations, you should never sacrifice blog quality in order to get more views. Keep your blog entirely true to you, creating great content that’s very much aligned with your values and vision, in order to be a compelling blog for people to read. Don’t sell out and don’t give up – building a blog takes time. Try using a free plagiarism checker to make sure your blog is free of plagiarized content.

These five tips aim to better equip you to make the most of your blog, drawing increased traffic through to your online pages.



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