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From Bolgatanga To Oxford…. The Samira Mohammed Story



It is my honour and unreserved pleasure to celebrate a strong, determined and ambitious woman, a constant champion of the “girls girls” agenda and my amazing friend, Samira Ibn Moro Mohammed. “This same Jesus” as she’d usually express her gratitude for achievements such as this cannot be left unhighlighted as it is the driving force for this feat.

From Bolgatanga to Accra and now the UK, while becoming St. Anthony’s foremost DAC scholarship recipient.

For one whose role model is Dr. Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah, a pan Africanist; it is not surprising that Samira will be pursuing an MSc. in African studies at the University of Oxford. In her own words: “earning a Master’s degree in African studies from Oxford University will broaden my scope in understanding the intricacies of African politics, history, general geopolitics and the processes involved in negotiating collective actions for global responses to existing or emerging challenges in Africa”.


Dating back to the stairwell of DJ Black’s Toontoom radio station in 2018 when we first bumped into each other only later to realize we’d be working together there, our friendship has grown beautifully and it makes me, and so many of her other friends, very excited to share in her happiness. OXFORD!  An institution where she’d dreamed and literally mapped out a future around, finally came. Albeit not on a silver platter; she dedicated herself to rigorous study and kept fragile hope alive despite many daunting moments. It was interesting for me to observe how the ‘power of attraction’ coupled with her undeniable doggedness, talent and self-belief finally resulted in this mile-stone achievement.

Samira Mohammed goes to Oxford

Samira Mohammed goes to Oxford

In the words of her mum, (I call her Aunty Rams), “I am very proud of my daughter. I knew she was going to get this scholarship. Her efforts did not come to naught. God will continue to shine His face over her life”.

Noel Nutsugah, her mentor and former lecturer added: “Samira comes off as a very dedicated young lady and that is easily noticeable about her. She’s very well-read, assertive, and intelligent and as a mentor, I had no stalling in supporting her growth. Many are those that are surprised about her accomplishment but for me I knew it was just a matter of time. I have studied abroad and very much aware of the difficulties that come with studying in a foreign land but I can unequivocally say that Samira has been prepared for that challenge and will go just far. I wish her the very best and I want to see her at the top quicker than me”.

Dr. Kobby Mensah, who was Samira’s lecturer and thesis supervisor said: “Samira I can say is a visionary. She’s always anticipating what she can do and must do. She’s also a determined personality. She will surely set out to achieve what she’s planned. Absolutely amazing young lady”.

Mercy, her friend and former course mate also had a few words to say: I can’t recall a moment that Samira showed her interest in something and ever relented. Her favorite mantra is “trust the process” and as much as the going gets tough she never relents. I believe her father is her one true inspiration as failing would mean failing him”.


This goes without saying how proud of you we are. You have rightfully earned your place.

Continue doing it for The Girls Girls…

Article By: Julia Nana-Fosua Dampare

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