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Funny Bone, Osama, Sim Card and Bash storm Kumasi for 1017 Nite of Laughs and Music



SIM CARDThe countdown for Kumasi to kick start their festive season is on and there could not have been a better way to start the festive holidays than with so much laughter and music at the Nite Of 1017 laughs and music. One thing that can be guaranteed this Saturday the 21st December at Georgia Hotel is that patrons will be treated to classic and never heard before jokes from renowned comedians. Organizers of the hilarious Nite of 1017 laughs and music always set the pace and repetition can’t be found in their dictionary. Since the inception of Nite of 1000 laughs and music; so many world renowned comedians have graced the stage and the Nite of 1017 laughs and music in Kumasi this weekend will not be an exception. The Garden City this weekend will enjoy rib cracking jokes from Funny Bone; a multitalented comedian who got his stage name ‘Funny Bone’ from his bow legs when he was slimmer but as he has much gained weight in recent times, what people now see are long sexy legs. His creativity to deliver original jokes has seen him gracing shows such as AY Live, Basket Mouth’s uncensored-both local and international editions which has earned him the credibility to mount the Nite of 1017 laughs and music and get some ribs cracking. Another king of comedy to watch out for is Osama who is considered to be a man of many parts as he is a compere, mc, comedian, on-air personality, brand promoter, event consultant and entrepreneur. Osama has successfully performed in a whole lot of high profiled shows and reputable events with some other grade-A list entertainers and guests within and outside the shores of Nigeria, with a world class delivery and performances that can only be described as hilariously classical, clean and outstanding. His unrivaled delivery of jokes has made him a force to reckon with in the worldwide comedy business and is set to thrill comedy lovers in Kumasi this weekend. Demons are supposed to cause havoc to the people they possess but not Sim Card. He said his hard life was enough to torment a demon that had possessed his body to run for its life. When the demon couldn’t take his ‘aje paco’ life, it rather went to church to give testimony warning other demons to steer clear off him…this is just one of the jokes that saw patrons at Accra’s 1016 laughs and music sometime in August bursting out in laughter. Although a first time performer at the Nite of 1000 laughs and music series he got the crowd laughing in tears and his return is speculated that it will be more hilarious than ever. Bash is making a return on the Nite of 1000 laughs and music series, and after rib cracking performances each time he takes centre stage, has left many patrons asking for more from the international acclaimed comedian. Kumasi this weekend will explode with laughter as Bash is putting jokes together and is advising patrons to get an extra rib cage as they will lose what they have to extreme laughter. The nite will also see music performances from the Pampana man Castroo Dam Destroyer and the Rap Executioner Obrafo. Accra’s edition of the Nite of 1017 laughs comes on 26th December at the Accra International Conference and will feature heavy weights comedian. Nite of 1017 laughs and music in Kumasi comes off this weekend 21st December at the Georgia Hotel and tickets can be purchased at at Ababio Super Market, Opoku Trading, Georgia Hotel, MTN Offices – Bantama, Tech and Nhyieso for GHC 40. The night of 1017 laughs and music is proudly brought to you by, MTN with support from Alisa Hotel, GhOne TV and powered by Charterhouse    ]]>

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