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Getting To Know The African Pride: Ameyaw Debrah –



Yay!, has featured my on their blog as an African Pride worthy of note! Here are some highlights from their feature: His works online has caught the attention of many. His highly popular and syndicated blog, was launched in June 2009. Today, the blog has become a leader in providing entertainment and lifestyle news not only in Ghana but also across Africa. Debrah has been a contributor on several pan-African platforms including StarGist on Africa Magic,, and Glitz Africa Magazine. 1. What was the driving inspiration behind starting My blog was inspired by the fact that I wanted to have a voice, a voice which I could use to promote celebrity culture, lifestyle and entertainment in Ghana and the rest of Africa. Growing up we didn’t have platform for projecting celebrities from Ghana in a manner that would have fans wanting to know more about their favorite stars, so being a leader in that space now, means a lot to me. 2. When was your first encounter with the world of entertainment, arts and culture? I started when I completed university and worked with a magazine that focused on some entertainment. I later took that experience to writing and contributing to online platform until I officially started my own blog. 3. How would you describe your own personal style? My style is very free-spirited, I like to wear what I am comfortable in. Once I see something I like, I will buy it and wear whether it is expensive or cheap. I like casual  and semi formal dressing, I’m not a big fan of suits (maybe because I live in a very hot country). 4. What has been the social impact of My blog has over the years impacted on society by sharing information and educating people on a number of issues. We have also partnered with various organizations to embark on campaigns on social issues like health, education, environment and more.

5. How has the audience’s reaction changed for your domain with time? Over the years when the audience was fewer than now, it appeared those who read my blog were mainly fans who came on the portal because they understood what the blog was for. But with growth and increase in the audience, I realize that people who do not understand what my blog is about, my personality and style of writing, find themselves on my blog because it is popular and they leave mis-educated comments sometimes. 6. What are your 5 must have fashion items that you can’t survive without? Sandals (I like the quick wear and go feel) Eyeglasses (wearing glasses is part of me so I might as well make a statement with it) Watch A perfume that can announce my presence without being too strong Colorful and comfortable pair of socks 7. What pieces do you love investing in and why? Shoes and Pants. Pants because it is difficult to find my trouser size, so when I find something that fits I don’t mind grabbing a few of them for whatever price. Shoes, I buy a lot and don’t always were them. 8. What are your go-to online resource for trend analysis? Where do you generate the content for your blogs from? I do look to fashion magazines (print and TV shows often) but my few online resources are QG, Bellanaija and a few others based one what pops up when I google. blog contents are usually generated from attending events, meeting people, interviews, curating from other platforms and guest/sponsored contents. 9. Name your 5 favorite fashion Brands/ Designers? 10. Let’s conclude off with a few favorites.
  • Color – Blue
  • Place – Cape Town, South Africa
  • Brand – Samsung
  • Icon – Cristiano Ronaldo

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