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Go Ghana! Confidence shows her claws while Alex gives ‘First Kiss’ in Big Brother Amplified



Big Brother Amplified is on and kicking and Ghana’s two reps haven’t been left out in the mix so far.  In a bid to get to know each other better, the Housemates decided to play a game of ‘Never Never’. In this game, the Housemates revealed, in a round-about way, what it is they have never done before. With booze flowing freely, Millicent decided it was her chance to kiss Alex from Ghana. With everyone watching, Millicent, clad in tiny booty shorts, walked over to Alex and the two gave the others a show and a half. The two held onto each other and kissed like their lives depended on it.

Meanwhile Confidence has had to tell Karen off twice for speaking to her rudely; once for calling her the “b” word and once for telling her to “f” off.  Later on, Karen apologized. Karen told her fellow Housemates how she only called them those names to get their attention.

“I’m sorry if I offended anybody. I wanted to get your attention because it was serious business. I apologize. I love you guys”, she told the Housemates, who had assembled in the lounge.

The Housemates did not seem to have any qualms with Karen’s apology and accepted it.