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Guide to Singapore Public Holidays



Singapore is the homeland of talented and hardworking masses. They prefer to spend most of their time in those activities that will be helpful for their future growth. But these workaholic entities also need some break from work. That’s why the government of Singapore has set 10 public holidays for its devoted nation. The holidays allow them to take out time from their work and enjoy some religious and cultural events with their family.

The list is quite impressive as it contains some dates of those religious events that belong to different communities.

Here we are going to discuss 10 Singapore public holidays and the history behind these celebrations.

  • New Year Day

The 1st and one of the most cherished Singapore public holidays have been entitled as New Year, which happens every year on 1st January. Singaporean celebrate this day to welcome the New Year with warm blessings and happy moments. The celebration of this event is observed at different famous buildings like Siloso Beach, Tampines Hub Countdown, and Clarke’s Quay.

  • Chinese New Year

This event has been organized according to the lunar calendar, and that’s why it doesn’t have any fixed date. But mostly it celebrates in between January and February. The purpose behind this holiday is to welcome the lunar year with different carnivals, shows, and programs that last for three days.

  • Good Friday

The people of Singapore share different religions and cultures, and the government of Singapore respects the minorities. For this purpose, the government announces holidays for other religious events. In Singapore, the Christian community and other residents can take off from their work to enjoy the blessings of Good Friday. It is the official Singapore public holiday that falls between the first two weeks of April. You will see every street decorated to honor the Good Friday.

  • Labor Day

This Singapore public holiday is celebrated on 1st may for showing some respect to the laborers. Their love for work deserves one day paid vacation, that’s why this holiday has tremendous respect all over Singapore.

  • Vesak Day

There is something remarkable for the Buddhist community in the calendar of Singapore public holiday. In the fourth month of the lunar calendar Buddhist community celebrates Vesak Day. The Singapore government has added this day in the list of the public holidays so small communities can also celebrate their holy day in their homeland. Buddhist temples will be decorated beautifully, and Dana will be observed in the temples and other organizations of Buddhism.

  • Hari Raya Puasa

This event is celebrated for the Muslim community in Singapore, which has been organized at the end of Ramadan (month of Islamic lunar calendar). Its date is different every year, but its devotees are the same. The pleasing recitation of Takbir in Mosques and delightful evening of fasting makes Hari Raya Puasa more colorful and spiritual.

  • Hari Raya Haji

This public holiday also set for the religious event of the Muslim community. They sacrifice selective animals and perform Huj on the 10th day of Dhul Haj (month of Islamic lunar calendar). Its date is also fluctuating every year, same as Hari Raya Puasa as both events belong to the Islamic Lunar calendar. They share the meat and through parties to celebrate their religious day in the homeland of Singapore.

  • National Day

This holiday is set for every resident of Singapore through which they recall their independence and value of homeland. The day of 9th august started with the speech of the Prime Minister, while the remarkable event of the National Day Parade was also one of the points of attraction throughout Singapore.

  • Deepavali

The colorful festival of the Hindu community also celebrated in the region of Singapore. It is also one of the public holidays in Singapore, which date depends on the Hindu lunar calendar. They celebrate the victory of lightness over the darkness of Rama, which had been achieved after 14 years.

  • Christmas

The last public holiday on the premises of Singapore was held on 25th December to celebrate Christmas. It is one of the main events which belongs to the Christian community. On this day, they celebrate the birth of Jesus (son of God) by exchanging gifts and prayers with each other. Singaporean with every background love to celebrate this event and make their holiday memorable.