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How are Ghanaians dealing with work from home?



The Coronavirus pandemic has been officially spread throughout the whole world. Every single country of the world has been affected by the novel virus and some of the strictest safety measures have been introduced in every and each of the countries. This is something no one would have expected, waking up in a completely new reality, with the plot of the thriller movies.


From now on, we all know that the movies can come true and that we should not underestimate the fantasy of the movie directors and the storytellers, as one day it can pretty much become the new reality we will all be facing. The coronavirus pandemic has shown us the value of life and the value of health once again. And if any of us at some points forget how good it is to move freely and not to fear the invisible virus, we should all recall 2020.


The new reality is not only for the people who are sitting at home, in one or another country but for every single person. Every industry is affected by the virus and every single business as well. Thus, many people lost their jobs and lost their income, many people did not receive proper salaries and others had to face some mental or physical health issues.


While we all have the common problem, and we all are fighting the common enemy, which is so far way stronger than us, we all have to come up with some ways and strategies in order to overcome this period in a more healthy and more sustainable way. The pandemic is especially hard to take as we have nos guarantees and no certainty in time, of when the pandemic is over and how we should feel the same even after that.


People found different ways to handle the pandemic and the harsh quarantine and regime of the pandemic. This is mainly about staying home and entertaining themselves. Well, obviously there is nothing else left to do. In different countries, people also had different means of entertainment and activity.

How to stay afloat

The most complicated and difficult thing to handle during the pandemic was staying at home and constantly hearing the news regarding new cases of coronavirus all over the world. It is indeed very difficult to watch how the world is sinking and all you can do is nothing, but stay home. This is another mental trick, which is also very hard to take and overcome.


Being mentally healthy and not going mad, in quarantine while being far from your family and friends is very hard. Even those people who were with families and friends still got it hard as it was hard to stay home and not be able to go out and even have a walk. Those people who were able to work from home were luckier than those who simply lost their jobs. Yet, it was never easy for anyone.


Many people from developing countries found themselves different activities in order to spend the time as well as perhaps find the source of income. Among those activities is forex trading. This activity is especially popular in African countries and especially in Ghana. There have been a lot of traders from Ghana for the past couple of years. This means that the industry is getting more popular and thus more and more people are involved in trading forex. Many have even turned it into their living source. Moreover, trading forex with a Demo account is the perfect opportunity for the current traders, as they have the opportunity to learn trading forex without actually investing money. Eventually, at some point, they have a chance to become another successful Ghanaian forex trader.


As mentioned before, people from different countries tried to find something more relevant to them and entertain themselves as much as they could accordingly and relevantly to their presidentship. People living in more developed countries had it a bit easier and softer, while people from developing countries definitely took it a bit harder.


The difference is due to the financial situation of the countries and people living in those countries. It is easier for the family of higher income to survive the crisis, rather than it is for relatively lower-income families, especially when it is also very difficult to overstand the crisis mentally.

Still going strong

Those people who did not only trade forex in Ghana but also worked had it more or less guaranteed. They could simply take up another activity to spend some time while still having a sustainable source of income. Ghana is a developing country and it is far from being very modern European countries, in terms of utilities and infrastructure. This is another reason why third world countries took the hit of pandemic a bit harder than the rest of the world.


The Internet and the digital world are not fully implemented in every single sector in Ghana, thus not that many people were able to work from home from the very beginning. Yet, as we may have seen, the country and people made big progress with swiftly switching to the online world and working from home. As for their performance, there is nothing very different from other nations and countries, work is work and all the people do it their own way.


Generally speaking, Ghana is doing great work in terms of online working and online education. If in the right beginning this was the country which struggled a lot, now it is the country that can be very proud of the progress people have made. Handling coronavirus pandemic and still working is a big deal. This might at some stage of our lives sound like a movie plot, but here we are all in this together.


One way or another, every single country, and all people around the world have adapted to the reality quite swiftly and the support towards each other in every single field and industry was definitely worth watching and observing.




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