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How brands innovated great ideas in times of Coronavirus: 10 Examples in Ghana



On a daily basis, we are seeing how governments, politicians, businesses, and individuals globally are quickly reacting and adapting to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Despite the crisis having a devastating impact on businesses in every industry, as marketers and observers of all things “brands”, we have been inspired by the actions of many of the world’s leading brands such as LVMH, Elon Musk/Tesla, Gap, and Jack Ma/Ali Baba assisting with production of hand sanitizer, ventilators, masks, and other supplies to combat the spread and support health workers and victims.  Being based in Accra, we are witnessing firsthand the effects of the epidemic on African communities and businesses (the long term impact and loss are yet to be known).

The changes and shifts have been both quite swift and diverse but from telcos, to wing restaurants, fuels stations, and insurance companies, here are 10 examples of how brands are responding and making an impact in Ghana in the time of Corona Virus, compiled by WaxPrint Media 

Kasapreko Company Limited

Kasapreko Company Limited halted manufacturing of beverages for the mass production of hand sanitizers and alcohol hand rubs to be sold at affordable prices.

McDan Shipping

McDan Shipping launched an initiative to support young Ghanaian entrepreneurs with funding to develop local formula for the production of hand sanitizers and subsequently produced and distributed five thousand free hand sanitizers to various organizations in the country

Enterprise Insurance

Enterprise Group has donated GHC 100,000 cash to the Greater Accra Regional Hospital and Noguchi Memorial Research Institute and GHC 20 million life cover for frontline health workers of Ghana Health Service in support of the fight against the CoronaVirus (COVID-19)


Wonderwings is providing Free Lunch to the Medical staff at the Ridge Hospital until the end of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Bloom Bar

This popular nightspot held an IG Live Party for followers to join from their home


MTN Provides Free Connectivity to Several Online Learning Channels to Support Home Learning During The COVID -19 Virus Pandemic


Vodafone Ghana is offering customers free access to various educational websites and e-learning platforms and working with various educational institutions across the country to zero-rate their learning platforms

Ameyaw Debrah Media

Ameyaw Debrah Media created a Corona Virus dedicated content on its platforms such as and Ameyaw TV, to inform and educate the public about the disease and share local and international related news updates.

Rabito Clinic

@ehealth Telemedicine initiative from Rabito Clinic allows for virtual consultations. They will collect lab samples from your home and deliver any drugs

Quick Run Ghana

The launch of an errand service to support those social distancing and in quarantine. Services include grocery shopping, medication pickup, supplies, books, takeout especially for sick and elderly

Santol Energy

Santol Energy distributes free hand sanitisers to all customers at its fuel stations and reduces fuel prices .

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