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How to Plan Your Event So You Don’t Stress Out



Lets face it; we all know that celebrities who have the deep pockets to afford such lavish extravaganzas are organizing the best events. However, this does not mean that you cannot have something just as spectacular without it breaking your wallet. If you are looking to produce a magnificent event that won’t cost you your entire savings, here are some things to keep in mind:

1. Create A Checklist

Planning an event can be exciting, but you have to make sure to think ahead and cover all your bases. Delegating tasks to others can save you time and effort. The best way to keep track of all the “moving parts” of an event is to use an event planning checklist. This is going to help you set clear goals and objectives and know who is responsible for what so that you don’t become overwhelmed. You can use this checklist.

2. Focus On the Big Picture

In the initial stages of planning an event, a brainstorming session is helpful to set the stage for work that has to be done. The first meeting should be used to set a date, brainstorm some venue ideas and generate thoughts about the budget. One of the main things you want to think about is your theme, venue, and the entertainmet or public speakers you might bring in. Once you have these key pillars in place, then the smaller details are easier to assess.

3. Prepare For Covid

While some might think we are out of the water with the whole Covid crisis, the truth is that we are not. It is important that you still be mindful of implementing best practices to ensure everyone’s safety. The non-profit EMPAG has recently been launched in Ghana to help promote these safety protocols to ensure that people can continue to organize events while adhering to safe guidelines.

4. Set A Budget

Develop a budget planning worksheet to keep track of anticipated income and anticipated expenses. Put together a working budget with estimates based on previously held events and can the estimates as committee members find out exact pricing. Include such items as the cost of the venue, rentals such as tables and chairs, food and supplies, entertainment, public speakers, and so on. Do not forget to include any technical support that may be needed as well.

5. Book Your Speakers

Identifying and hiring the speakers for your event can make or break its success. The people you decide to put in front of your audience is going to be paramount to ensuring that everyone is engaged and interested in your event. The first thing you must do is find your keynote speaker as he or she will be responsible for ensuring that the event starts off on the right note. You can visit this website to find a great keynote speaker.

Or, if you want to inspire your audience with a compelling story, you may want to consider hiring a professional motivational speaker. These individuals have a great deal of experience is telling stories and inspiring your audience to do better things in their life. You can visit this website to hire a motivational speaker.

6. Scheduling the Venue

Figure out what size venue you will need for the event, and have the committee go on site visits to investigate options. Think about the location of the venue and nearby transportation. If necessary, find out if there are any hotels nearby for guests. Keep careful notes about prices, what the price includes, when the facility is available and deposits. If you need a podium, computers or screen, find out if they are available. Make sure to write down the name of the person you spoke to at each venue. Book the appropriate date for your event and call the facility to confirm that they have your reservation for that date. You can also check out this new venue from Accra which has created some buzz.

7. Coordinating Dates

If you have a guest speaker, a band, a DJ or other entertainment, make sure they are available on the date you have selected for the venue. If not, reschedule the venue, or hire different entertainment. Since your speakers and entertainment are critical for the success of your event, you should check with them first and your venue before planning anything else as they are the cornerstone of your event.

8. Publicizing Your Event

Depending on the type of event you are planning, you are going to need to have a good promotion strategy in place. Whether it is a conference, seminar, or a wedding, getting people to get excited enough to commit is a skill unto itself. For fundraisers and events that are designed for public participation, posters, email blasts, advertisements and other forms of publicity may be necessary. Just keep in mind that you are asking people to give you their time which means that they must have a reason to want to RSVP. And, you will need to remind them since everyone is quite busy.

9. Handling Stress

It goes without saying that producing and promoting an event can be highly stressful and you are going to need to be able to learn how to multi-task and tackle many projects at once to ensure that everything goes well. According to, if you want to stay focused on the work you are doing, then you should learn certain techniques such as meditation or yoga to help you handle stress so that it does not get the best of you. This will ensure that you can deliver great work without allowing anxiety to take over.

10. After the Event

If the event is to be an annual occurrence, hold a meeting to discuss what went right, and what went wrong. Keep careful notes about vendors and contacts, so next year you do not have to start from scratch. It is important that as you produce the event, you keep track of everything so you can learn from it for the following year. This is why having a checklist and staying organized is so important: so you can improve upon these items for the next event.



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