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INTERVIEW: Get to know Afrisounds, birthed by Nii Saul (Fli5star) from creating content for the biggest stars in music to now distributing and managing emerging artists



Today on Ameyaw meets, we caught up with Nii Saul (Fli5star), a London-based Ghanaian content creator, manager, consultant and A&R who’s worked with the likes of J Hus, Wizkid, Shatta wale, Olamide, Fireboy DML and has being part of the development for some of our great acts such as Kida Kudz, Afro B, Kwamz & Flava, Sona, Mista Silva and more.

Fli5star also doubles as the CEO of Afrisounds. Afrisounds is a tastemaker and management consultant company. Afrisounds has earned its reputation as a world-class music tastemaker with expertise in merging cultures, sounds and creating a bridge between the UK and the world when it comes to musical projects.

In this all-new exclusive interview, Afrisounds CEO tells us about himself, being in the industry for 10 years, his company as mentioned above, the single ‘Causing Trouble’ with Ghetto Boy and Amartey plus more.


  1. Who is Nii Saul (Fli5star)? And tell us about your company Afrisounds?

Entrepreneur, family man with a background in the Music Business and Management. Afrisounds is something I always had when starting out, but I never spoke or promoted it. I always put the artist brand, name first and I noticed the limitation it brings when you decide to move on, so I decided to attach it to anything I do within the music business. Through my media brand, Fli5star, I have connected with a lot of people in the industry and I am now working with emerging and pushing Afrisounds to the forefront as I would a client or an artist.

  1. How’s does it feel like being in the game for 10 years and working with all these A-list and emerging artists?

Not something I actually think about or focus on. I obviously have it in the back of my mind regarding the experiences I have had over the years. I have always been the person to put my head down and work and push forward regardless of who the person is or what I’m doing and so be it.  I get opportunities and come across induvial who are championing their genera, and this is always great fun and an experience working with them.

Working with big acts and emerging acts is no different, well apart from the opportunities and small things bigger acts get away with or get whereas the smaller acts have to put in 10x more work for the same thing.

  1. What does Afrisounds specialize in?

We actually specialize in new markets for African acts. We empower African acts, and we educate them to actually understand the strength they have when carrying their culture in anything they do. We are not a hub for Afrobeat or African music but a hub for creatives and dreamers with African backgrounds who needs consulting, managing, distribution and campaign management. We also work with all types of creators from all corners of the world and not just Africans mind you.

  1. How did the single ‘Causing Trouble’ with Ghetto Boy and Amartey come about?

I was lucky to be part of an artist by the name of Jaij Hollands’ career. Since working with him I was lucky to travel around the world and meet new people. A place I came across to love ‘Amsterdam’ showed me love back and since then I’ve always taken artist, I work with across to either make music or meet new artist, brands and other creatives. ‘Causing Trouble’ is one of many amazing songs that came out of this. Ghetto Boy who is one of my favorite songwriters that never fails made the beat and had the hook down. Amartey who just sounds smooth on any song did his verse. We came back to UK about a month or two after I heard the finished track and instantly decided I’m putting this out.

  1. What’s your next move after this single? 

Focus is to help keep empowering creatives and emerging acts across new markets. More projects from Afrisounds acts and clients including our own personal projects and ventures.

Listen to ‘Causing Trouble’, a Afrisounds track that celebrates the coming together of rising talents on all digital streaming platforms here:


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