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INTERVIEW: Tinuke throws light on new single ‘Rara’, exploring Afrobeat, transcending boundaries and more



We speak to emerging Ghana-based rap goddess, singer and songwriter of Nigerian descent, Tinúké. She spoke to us on her new single featuring one of Ghana’s finest multi-genre artists, Ayisi, dynamic of having both lived in Nigeria and Ghana, exploring Afrobeat and more.Tinúké is best-known for sustaining her creative flair on tracks through experimenting with various genres, such as; Hip-Hop, RnB, Afrobeat and House music. Having rose to prominence in 2016, she remains one of the most promising talents to emerge from the Afro-Pop scene of late, having delivered a run of singles that have influenced the growth in her popularity such as ‘Collusion’, ‘Waakye’, ‘Aayalolo’, ‘What You Need’ and more recently her critically acclaimed debut compilation mixtape called ‘’H.E.R’’ (Having Extreme Rage).

She makes an audacious statement of intent with any release, marking her turf as the most lyrically proficient female MC on the scene.

Get into the interview below.

  1. Introduce yourself, tell us about your new single ‘Rara’ and the inspiration behind it?

My name is Tinúké, I’m a rapper, singer and songwriter. ‘Rara’ is a song about making someone aware of your feelings towards them. It’s like the confession of a crush or first love letting them feel that connection that you want them.

We were at a studio listening to a bunch of beats and the idea just came. I guess that’s what I was feeling emotionally at the time. And I later decided to change the beat, but the song lyrics and energy remained the same. ‘Rara’ was recorded a year ago.

  1. How would you say you’ve evolved over the years? Has your music grown?

 Most definitely, I would say my music has evolved over the years. Because my life has evolved over the years and my music is usually an expression of what goes on in my real life. The different stages I’m at in my evolution as an artist and as a person overall.

  1. How do you feel about female rappers not given the much-needed attention in the industry?

First of all, I don’t identify myself as a female rapper. Because, I don’t think art has a gender. I think the expression “female rappers” is just a way to box women in. I feel we are all artists regardless of gender. It’s like, nobody calls men “male rappers”. So why can’t I just be a rapper or an artist? Why, do I have to be a “female rapper”?

  1. With you transcending boundaries between Nigeria and Ghana, how is your music faring in both countries?

I’d say pretty okay so far. I get DM’s from people in both countries supporting me and motivating me to keep going. These things make me feel really great. Like I’m doing it for a reason and people are actually paying attention. I love it and I appreciate all my supporters both in Ghana and Nigeria.

  1. Do you think the dynamic of having lived in both Nigeria and Ghana translates into your music and in what ways?

Most definitely, I think I have a lot of Nigerian and Ghanaian influences in my music because of my personal experiences in both regions. At this point it just comes naturally to me. From my song lyrics and expression. I love the fact that I have more to choose from. And I do identify with both experiences because they’ve shaped me to become the person I am today.

  1. Building a reputation of being a rapper, any reason why you explored Afrobeat on your new single ‘Rara’?

Yes. Like I said earlier, music is an expression of who I am and how I’m feeling at that stage in my life. And at that stage I felt like expressing my emotions on an Afrobeat song was the way to go in order to fully express the emotions I was feeling with ‘Rara’. I love music overall and my instincts will always be to rap first, but I also am not the type of person to shut out new ideas or box myself in. There’s a part of my soul that loves to explore new things and see just how far I can go and also to discover new aspects of myself and challenge myself in what I can do.

  1. Any artists you’d like to work in the near future? Any projects for 2021?

Yes, I’m open to work with any and every artist who’s also ready to work as long as it’s great energy. You can just hit me up via my DM’s on social media @realtinuke or at my booking email And I’m currently wrapping up my EP, looking to drop in 2021. In the mean time you can expect more singles, music videos, as well as collaborations.

Watch the video for ‘Rara’ and stream here:

Instagram: realtinuke
Twitter: @realtinuke
Facebook: Tinuke


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