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I’ve had it with these stories about my body – Joselyn Dumas dares anyone to show receipts of her getting her body done



Actress and TV personality, Joselyn Dumas says she’s fed up with stories about her getting her body done.

The most recent allegations came when an Instagram page called Princess Shyngle’s Blog popped up with a lot of hot gossip. The page posted a ‘before and after’ photo of Joselyn Dumas and wrote: “This our fine aunty is also claiming real body oh 🤣😂 I am not understanding 🤷🏾‍♀️ anyways let us just close our eyes and believe her 😂🤣 she just slept and woke up transformed 😂😂 she’s very beautiful sha 😍🥰”.

Although it is not clear whether actress Princess Shyngle is truly behind the that Instagram account, reports suggest that Princess Shyngle has been promoting it on her Instagram stories and asking her followers to visit the page for juicier gossips about celebrities.

I reached to Joselyn Dumas on WhatsApp to find out whether she had seen the post form her colleague. She replied: “Honestly I’ve had it with these bullshit stories about my body. I’d very much like to focus on more important life changing issues. Anybody who thinks they have a receipt or went with me to get my body done should come forward and present it otherwise they should keep my name out of your their attention seeking posts, i’m so tired chale!! Mabre!!”




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