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Joselyn Dumas reprimands MPs for their unruly behavior in parliament yesterday



There was misunderstanding between Ghanaian MPs yesterday in parliament house before and during a process to vote who was going to be the next speaker of the 8th parliament.

Before the voting process, we saw the NDC MPs fill the space of the majority in parliament, insinuating they’ve won majority in the 8th parliament. Later, some MPs from the opposition NPP struggled with the NDC MPs for seats at the majority space, with the belief that they (NPP) are the ones to fill the space.

The voting became a chaotic process, when we saw MPs attacking other MPs for misconduct during the voting process.

There have been condemnations from the Ghanaian people. And actress Joselyn Dumas took to her twitter page to share her opinion on that unfortunate event in parliament yesterday.

Grown educated individuals with children, fighting! in one of the highest law-making space in our country. Ghana is highly revered for our respect for the seat of government, democratic system & impeccable composure in Parliament. I am soo disappointed!” she tweeted.


Watch below excerpts of scenes in parliament yesterday;


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