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Is John Dumelo ordained by God to be a pastor?



John Dumelo, who is currently in the Holy Land of Israel, met his personal epiphany on Twitter on Saturday morning, when a Twitter user prophesied that the actor was ordained by God. Ivan Grant told John: “Hello Mr John, am prophet, I can’t keep it away, Bro your personality is not for lady’s neither functions or money makers not at all but is Jesus Christ, your personality is picture that will invited many people into the kingdom of God, Mr John u are ordained by God:49:6:is for u” “Mr John I saw it a lot of people will followed U to Jesus God has choosing U to be his servants as evangelist please, if u know the truth pray with this Isaiah: 42;6:7:u shall see God in your dream say Amen” John, who seemed surprised by the twitter prophecy quizzed Mr Grant, ” I’ve been ordained by God to be a pastor?”

So what do you think? Is John Dumelo ordained by God to be a pastor?]]>

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