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'When we were we"…Yvonne Nelson wishes former BFF, Yvonne Okoro a happy birthday



It appears to be all about new beginnings for new mother, Yvonne Nelson. She posted throwback photo with her former good friend, Yvonne Okoro on Instagram to wish the latter a happy birthday. She wrote: “When we were WE!!! I miss all the times…..let’s continue to make beautiful memories.. Happy birthday yvonneokoro” Yvonne Nelson and Yvonne Okoro were best friends some time back until they stopped talking to each other, leaving Okoro and Sandra is new best friends.   Okoro granted told Joy News in August this year, that the fight with Yvonne Nelson is over and that it did not even make sense why they were fighting. She said “It is over. After a while, you will sit down and start to think, why are we even fighting? It doesn’t even make sense. It is so unnecessary,” Okoro said. She added: “I picked up my phone and said Yvonne, where are you? ‘She said, ei what’s up?’…I said… you want me to come over or you wanna come over to my house? She said I can come over. She came over and that was it.” Okoro blamed the unhealthy competition in the industry as the cause of many of the fights–affecting fruitful collaborations.



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