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KiDi’s 2013 tweets reveal he was “madly in love” with Anita Akuffo



Lynx Entertainment signee, KiDi may have denied all possible romantic feelings towards TV3 Presenter Anita Akuffo, however, his old tweets seem to say otherwise.

KiDi and Anita Akuffo have in the past gotten social media talking after a throwback photo of them surfaced on the internet a few years ago.

Although the two have denied all rumours concerning a romance between them, KiDi’s old tweets which have been resurrected on Twitter seems to suggest that KiDi had a big crush on Anita in the past.


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KiDi and Anita have shared that they sat in the same class from kindergarten all through to JHS 3 and only parted ways when it was time to enter senior high school.

According to KiDi’s tweets from the year 2013 which have been resurrected today, Anita was his girlfriend from when he was in Class 3.

“Wondering who Anita was?? She was my first Girlfriend In Class 3,” KiDi shared in 2013 tweet.


In a separate tweet, KiDi also shares that he cannot begin to talk about the memories he shared with Anita back in primary school.

“Anita Akuffo. This girl. The memories back in primary. I cant begin to say,” he tweeted in 2014.

When Anita participated in the Miss Ecowas pageant back in 2013, KiDi shared another tweet about their relationship.

“Miss Ecowas Ghana….. Contestant number 5… Anita Akuffo! My primary school GF! I havnt Seen that Bish in Eons!!!” KiDi tweeted in 2013.


In another tweet, KiDi reacted to Anita’s stint at being a video vixen.

“Now Anita Says shes a Video Vixen. Smh,” he tweeted in 2013.

KiDi’s old tweets has kept social media wondering if he has gone past his feelings for Anita Akuffo if there’s a possible reunion of their love in the near future.

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