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Ladies keep harassing me – Kuami Eugene plays audio of a fan begging him for sex



Fame often comes with its own problems and one such problem for the Kuami Eugen seems to be unsolicited messages and harassment from his female fans.

The 22-year-old singer during an interview with AJ Sarpong on Citi FM’s “Brunch In The City” narrated how a girl once kissed him on stage during a performance. “A fan kissed me on stage; I was singing right in front of her and the next thing I knew she held my head and planted a kiss. I went mute because it was unexpected,” he narrated.

According to the “Angela” hitmaker, he has had other similar experiences to a point where he believes that the girls have planned to be always touching him. “I went to another girls’ school and it took the effort of my manager to get me off stage. The girls were so clingy and they were touching me inappropriately” he disclosed.

Detailing how these crazy experiences from his female fans even extend to his DMs on social media, Kuami Eugene played an audio of a female fan begging to have sex with him, just once because she really wants to have his child.

Check out the video below for the audio.


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