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Lamentations Of A Frustrated Patriotic Ghanaian Entrepreneur Trying To Swim These Estuary Currents



Kwaku Osei-Yeboah, a Director at Gud Heart Quarry and Construction Limited, has shared some frustrations he and his team face as Ghanaian entrepreneurs. He wrote:

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We (Ghana) just took $750mil to pay PART of the cost of a few road and interchange projects ….. infrastructure is key to development hence we have no issues there…..but….please listen to this humble submission….

We can build pure granite roads. Exact same as Rome, Germany, Amsterdam, London, New York, Greece, Portugal, Czech Republic, Belgium, France, Ethiopia etc etc. This will be done using 100% locally sourced and manufactured primary road paving material (imagine the number of quarries that will be open, micro economies crated etc). Installation and production will employ at very least 1000 men and women regardless of education status, experience etc. because it’s a vocation and it’s totally new to town(wages will range from 1000-5000 Ghana Cedis a month depending on work rate).


The roads built will virtually be indestructible, green and will last MORE THAN 2300yrs(using this figure because that’s the oldest I’ve seen and walked on ie Apian ways of Rome).

Worst damage case scenario the same paving will be re-arranged (imagine re-usable

“asphalt” ).

Can be implemented in all of the 16 regions.


Thousands will be trained, gainfully employed and micro businesses created

The $750,000,000 will play around in our local economy (imagine the cascading effect).

If one initiative can help…

1 Stabilize the cedi by reducing imports, hence improving our balance of payments.


2 create 1000s of green sustainable jobs.

3 create 1000s of indirect jobs.

4 help reduce road accidents due to the reduced braking distances of a stone road.

5 help reduce flooding due to the percolation allowed on such surfaces. We cover our road surfaces with sieves(sɔnyɛ) on the ground not holding cups, bowls and plates which affect the return of water onto our water table.


6 Create an otherwise non-existent skilled work force.

7 Create an infrastructural revolution that seeks to grant access to our vital farm corridors.

8 Improve the standards of living of many, including the disabled and women.

9 Bring about the biggest value for money project ever in our history


10 Utilise our local natural resource by adding gargantuan value…

We will put our necks on the line and say, “It’ll will be the biggest social and fiscal intervention policy or drive ever in the history of the fourth republic, if not our country”.

Please go back to the list and reassess how it touches on all our issues as a country.

Ghanaians (Gud Heart) have locally implemented this technology and successfully demonstrated it countless times with standing projects delivered over 5yrs and counting.


And finally….


The afore-mentioned figure will start and fully complete 1500km of new stone paved roads built from base to surface seal.

For clarity, that’s similar to a brand-new road from Accra to Paga and back with another


280km to spread around and about $50,000,000 to spare

We all love the Tema motorway and its value for money dearly….hence, can you imagine the value for Money these roads will give us over 2300yrs? Food for thought.

Yet …….

Oh our beloved Ghana ….. but we soldier on .



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