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Lerato all ‘barned’ up!



South Africa’s Lerato joined Hannington and Sammi in The Barn after Sunday night’s live Big Brother All Stars eviction show. Lerato found herself up for eviction when Head of House Tatiana replaced herself with the South African – and for the second week in a row, the person Tatiana replaced herself with found themselves evicted from the All Stars house. 

Malawian hip hop star Young Kay kicked off the show before IK showed viewers an insert about the turbulent week the two sets of All Stars experienced in the house and The Barn. 

During Monday’s nomination show, Head of House Tatiana saved herself from nomination for the second week in a row and replaced herself with Lerato. IK took viewers into the house and asked Tatiana to reveal her decision to her housemates. After a long speech about the challenges she was facing in the game, Tatiana told the housemates she had saved herself and replaced herself with someone who she respected and was ‘playing the game’ – naming Lerato. “All good”, said the South African before heading upstairs to pack her suitcase. 

As the housemates took in the change in the status quo, with Yacob looking a little shell-shocked at the prospect of losing Lerato, the African Child Hip Hop Crew mesmerized that audience with a phenomenal dance performance. 

IK then gave viewers a chance to see how the housemates’ quest to crack each other’s secrets was going – Munya couldn’t guess Paloma’s, but Tatiana cracked Lerato’s. Paloma also couldn’t guess Meryl’s, but when Munya revealed his secret to Tatiana, Big Brother informed the housemates that his transgression wasn’t in the spirit of the game and had cost the housemates US$1 000.

With the updates out of the way, it was time to get down to business as IK accepted the famous envelope from the Alexander Forbes representative.  Greeting the housemates, he uttered the words they all fear – “The next housemate to leave the Big Brother Africa All Stars house is… Munya you are safe – Lerato you have been evicted”.

After the traditional hugs goodbye, the South African emerged on stage and fielded some questions from IK.

“This thing with you and Yacob – is it serious?” asked IK .“Well like, I dunno, like you know, we were just chilling, nothing happened – I left too soon!” she said. “We had that rapport, we understood each other, we fought a lot, but I mean he’s a cool guy, really chilled and I’m sure we’re gonna party and hang out a lot afterwards,” she told Africa.

 IK quizzed her about the effect of having Tatiana discover her secret: “Do you have any beef with Tatiana?”

“No, no beef,” she said. “At the end of the day, it’s a game, that’s the reality of the situation and you can’t cry over money you didn’t already have in your hand. She took it, it’s all good – from here there are only big things on the horizon – and I’m going to make that $1000 over and over and over again!” she said.

After that confident assertion, it was time for her to ‘throw’ her Dagger into the house. As IK read out the Dagger, a smile spread across her face. “One housemate may not talk to or touch any housemates of the opposite sex for one week, commencing from tomorrow”. “There’s a certain ladies’ man that I think would appreciate this Dagger – and since she gave me her first  Dagger, I send it right back, Tatiana this one’s for you!” said Lerato with glee as Munya stared at the screen in disbelief.

After checking out her highlights, IK asked Lerato if she was going to miss it. “I’m think I’m gonna miss the people more than the actual house itself, but I’m gonna see them in a few weeks. The finale is coming up soon so I’m gonna get to see each and every single one of them,” she said.

With that, Lerato left the stage, thinking she was going home – but after another pulsating performance from the African Child Hip Hop Crew, she emerged through a different set of doors and found herself staring into a farmyard. “Oh my God, Oh my God…chickens!” she squealed as she took in her new surroundings. Then she spotted Hannington and Sammi and ran towards them, leaping into Hanningon’s arms. “What’s going on?” she asked him. “We’re in The Barn, that’s what we do – and there’s chickens!” Hannington explained. It looks like it’s going to be a long week for Lerato as she adjusts to the simple life in The Barn!