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Big Brother week 3 wrap up: ex-lovers and eggs

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Big Brother week 3 wrap up: ex-lovers and eggs

For the second week in a row, the Big Brother All Stars have won their wager! After a week of babysitting their eggs, while dressed as chickens, they performed their song & dance routine for Big Brother on Thursday night in their bid to impress Big Brother – and succeeded. They had made a giant omelette, done early morning eggcercise every day, sung their eggs to sleep each night, painted their eggs and clucked up a storm, all in all, an eggceptional performance.

Early on Thursday morning, Uti and Kaone discussed the former’s recent strange behaviour. In the last week, Uti has blown up at both Yacob and Kaone. Kaone felt that Uti had gone out of his way to ridicule him in front of the other housemates. In an attempt to protect his secret task (in which he had to mirror everything Kaone does), Uti turned things around and suggested that Kaone was hallucinating and desperately needed to consult a shrink. He said he was worried that the fashion designer was paranoid.

Kaone said that Uti had ridiculed his culture and he found the Nigerian’s jokes insensitive. Sticking to his task, every time Kaone raised a point, Uti matched it. Kaone seemed to be shocked to learn that Uti knew what he had said behind his back and the Nigerian assured Kaone that battle lines had been drawn.

Later in the day, Kaone addressed the issue with Big Brother in his Diary Session. He complained of being sleep deprived because he had been up all night knitting scarves for the other housemates’ eggs as punishment for breaking his own egg. Kaone told Big Brother that he was traumatized by his issues with Uti, said he was feeling neglected emotionally and said he had tried talking to Uti but hadn’t managed to resolve anything.

A number of All Stars housemates had complaints in their Diary Sessions, ranging from being tired and excited to wear ‘normal clothes’ again (Jennifer). Meryl complained about her sore knee, which she twisted earlier in the day, while Paloma said she was ill. Mwisho was the only housemate who didn’t have a single complaint, even saying that everyone else was doing well emotionally and physically.

As the sun set on the housemates successful task presentation, some of the housemates started discussing their fellow contenders’ approach to the game. Sheila advised Meryl to be careful about whom she confides in, saying that some people in the house offer a shoulder to cry on, only to earn votes from fans. Meryl said that the way she behaved inside the house was completely different from the way she conducted herself outside it, adding that Lerato was the only person qualified to comment on her behaviour because they had spent a lot of time together.

Sheila said all the housemates were in the house for one reason – the money – meaning that no-one should be worried about what another housemate gets up to or be judgmental towards them. Uti contributed by saying that Africa was ‘wiser’ this year and could see through fake people. Mwisho said the show was not about being ‘goody-goody’, and all the housemates agreed that they were in the house to have fun and that was what they were going to do.

Meanwhile in the Barn…Hannington told Big Brother during his Diary Session that his mother was the last person he expected to see in The Barn, but he was very excited to see her. He told Big Brother that having visitors made a huge difference and lifted his spirits.  He admitted that since his eviction, he hadn’t really ‘felt’ the game and was a little de-motivated. The arrival of his mom, though, had helped lift his spirits.

Sammi’s visitor, his ex-girlfriend Juliet, left The Barn after her two-day stay, thanking Big Brother for the opportunity of spending time in the game, though she admitted that she felt that Sammi still had feelings for her. They did kiss, after all! Life in The Barn has unearthed some hidden talents in Hannington and Sammi as they milk the cow, chop firewood and even knit! Hannington led the charge with the knitting needles while novice knitter Sammi bravely gave it a go.

Ameyaw Kissi Debrah, known professionally as Ameyaw Debrah, is a Ghanaian celebrity blogger, freelance journalist, and reporter.

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1 Comment

  1. Yuki Nachbar

    September 20, 2010 at 12:52 am

    Exactly what I was thinking. Your content was amazing. To get back up with your ex is not the hardest of the jobs But it sure may take some effort

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