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Introducing Nigeria’s Hiphop Poster Boy, D’Crow



Nigerian rapper, D’ Crow continues his journey to becoming one of the most prolific Nigerian hip hop acts of his time. And since the release of his debut album, ‘The Truth’ in March 2010, fans all over Nigeria and parts of the world are enjoying his masterful blend of urban hiphop music. ‘The Truth’ gives an insight into the unique lyrical ability of D’Crow with guest appearances from OJB Jezreel, C-Mion, Mo’Cheddah, and Rheymophoebus.

Born as Adeda Omohwo Martin, D’Crow hails from Ughelli, Delta State, where he had his Secondary School education. He then proceeded to attend Oxbridge tutorial college for his A-levels and then to the prestigious University of Lagos where he graduated in 2007 as a Dentist. This young dentist certainly knows how to use his mouth for other things and more specifically, music which has been a passion for ages.

D’Crow has always been a fan of music; throughout his childhood his musical influences were Majek Fashek, Mike Okri and later on Dr. Dre, Nas, Emimen, Jadakiss, to mention a few. Although a huge fan of hiphop music, he has a diverse taste in music; he listens to all genres including R&B, classical rock & Garage. His foray into music started during his A-levels when he used to write poems and eventually they turned into rap lines because of the strong influence of rap in his life. It was just customary for him to create his own niche in the hiphop world.

D’Crow has transformed from a mere fan of hiphop into a stakeholder; and he likes to refer to himself as Nigeria’s Hiphop’s Poster Boy. According to the rapper, he aims to create beautiful music for his fans and also to create a platform for emerging talents.  Listen to D’Crow Now!

“The Truth” is available on iTunes for download.