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Lilwin signs up 10 Head Porters for Mekakrawa Insurance As Prudential Life Storms Accra Central



During the recent activation event organised by Prudential Life Insurance Ghana to introduce their microinsurance product, Mekakrawa, to traders and sellers at Okaishie Market, one individual’s generosity stood out among the rest.

Kojo Nkansah ‘Lilwin, a popular Ghanaian personality and brand ambassador for Mekakrawa, took a remarkable step in promoting financial inclusion by signing up ten head porters, known as “kayayei,” for the insurance coverage.

As the event unfolded, Lilwin took the stage alongside other brand ambassadors, Mr. Fred Amugi and Afronita, to address the crowd. Amidst the cheers and applause, Lilwin emphasised the importance of insurance and its relevance to Ghanaians, particularly those in the informal sector. He debunked the notion that insurance is exclusively for the elites, urging everyone to seize the opportunity Prudential Life has provided with Mekakrawa.

In a remarkable act of generosity, Lilwin went beyond words to personally sign up ten head porters for Mekakrawa, covering the cost of their one-year subscription using the Ghc45 option. The gesture not only demonstrated his commitment to promoting financial security and planning, but also showcased his genuine concern for the well-being of Ghanaians; especially those who face unique challenges in their daily lives.


The inclusion of the head porters in Mekakrawa’s coverage was a significant step towards bridging the insurance gap and ensuring that even those with limited resources can protect themselves against unforeseen circumstances. Lilwin’s act of kindness resonated with the crowd and exemplified the spirit of unity and support within the Ghanaian community.

By enrolling these head porters in Mekakrawa, Lilwin highlighted the importance of extending insurance coverage to vulnerable populations and empowering them to secure their future. His selfless act aimed to inspire others to follow suit and emphasised the collective responsibility we have towards uplifting the less privileged members of society.
The impact of Lilwin’s generosity extended beyond the activation event itself. It served as a reminder that acts of kindness and compassion can create a ripple effect, inspiring others to take action and make a positive difference in their communities. Prudential Life Insurance Ghana recognized Lilwin’s contribution as a testament to the shared vision of promoting financial inclusivity and ensuring that every Ghanaian has access to the benefits of insurance.

The story of Lilwin’s generosity in signing up ten head porters for Mekakrawa insurance serves as an inspiring example of how individuals can use their influence and resources to uplift those in need. It demonstrates that insurance is not just a privilege for a select few, but a vital tool for everyone to protect themselves and their loved ones. Thanks to Lilwin’s compassionate gesture, these head porters now have the security and peace of mind that comes with insurance coverage, enabling them to face the future with greater confidence.

In the journey towards a more inclusive and financially secure society, Lilwin’s act of generosity stands as a shining example of how small actions can make a significant impact. It encourages us all to extend a helping hand to those around us and contribute to building a stronger and more caring community.
Inquire more about Mekakrawa by visiting Prudential’s website, or quickly dial *778# on MTN and sign up with as little as Ghc3 for yourself and your loved ones.

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