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Meet GH Hunk for April, Edem Francis Kuttey…the renewal!!!

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Meet GH Hunk for April, Edem Francis Kuttey…the renewal!!!

Meet 26-year-old, Edem Francis Kuttey, our GH Hunk for the month of April. He grew up in Kanda Estate and attended schools such as Bishop Herman College and Accra polytechnic. He  is also currently pursuing a degree at GIMPA.

Edem believes this year is one for new beginnings, and everyday is a learning process . His resolution for the year is to make his late mum proud even in heaven. For him, the month of April represents the death and the resurrection of Christ his savior, which has renewed him.


Height: 5.9

Weight: 79

Chest: 40

Waist: 32

Relationship Status

I’m single

My Ambitions

My ambition is to become the most talked about entrepreneur of our time

What makes me sexy?

Sexy means being intelligent and attractive at the same time.

How to stay sexy

Taking a cold bath after workout session. To be sexy you have to work out consistently, know what to say and when to say it , looking neat and sharp always, putting on smiles as often as necessary

My ideal sexy woman

A woman rocking her African print

A day in my life

Wake up at 5:30 am and I call my gym buddies (spartanz) then we hit the gym. Get back home and take a cold bath and head straight to work. After work I get home to freshen up then run back to school.

My training regimen

I have a laid down workout routine that I follow with my brothers the Spartanz

My diet

I only make sure I eat the healthiest food junks

Funniest social media comment ever about my body 

A lady friend asked me if I had a girlfriend and I said no…she replied “I forgot you gym your heart too”

Must-have trends

Sneakers and watches

Casual or formal?


Leather or metallic watch?


Shoes or flipflops?


Shaving or waxing?


Tattoo of piercing?


African print or Western clothing?

African print

Favourite colour


Favourite food

Banku and pepper with tilapia

Favourite perfume?

Victoria secrets

Cocoa butter or Vaseline?

Cocoa butter

Beads or chains?


Nude photo shoot or covered up?

Covered up

Favourite fragrance/perfume

Eau Sauvage By Christian Dior

Boxers or Birefs?


Buttons or Cufflinks?


Tie or No-tie?


Roll-on Deodorant or spray deodorant?

Roll-on deodorant

Razer blade or machine?

Shaving machine

Braids or clean cut?

clean cut

Beer or vodka?


Condom or Raw?


Skinny or Baggy Jeans?

Skinny jeans

Tucked in or untucked ?

Tucked in

Favorite colour for dress

Black and blue

Make up: @thereal_asareprince
Creative Director : @iamasephua
Photography @vineimagery

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