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Miss Malaika delegates talk about why the want the crown



MISS MALAIKA MEETS TOURISM DEPUTY MINISTER (125 of 166)The fight for this year’s Miss Malaika 2013 crown is on and every delegate is trying to bring her “A” game on and have vowed to do their very best to win the ultimate crown. For Twumwaa, her fight to win Miss Malaika and wear the crown started three years ago where luck eluded her as she wasn’t chosen for the final round. Her  dream didn’t get crushed as she more determined to wear the Miss Malaika crown come what may; her focus and determination made her try out to this year and voila she made it to the final 12 ,as the saying goes “no pain no gain”. For the rest of the delegates, this is their first time partaking in Miss Malaika and they say that the prestigious status accorded to Miss Malaika makes it all worth fighting for the crown. Their fantasies have always been to wear a crown that is well respected by everybody. All the delegates said what makes the Miss Malaika crown worth fighting for is the exposure it gives them, the grooming, the travel experience, the challenging tasks, the self discovery opportunities and the fun that comes with being part of the 12 delegates. With a month to go for the grand finale, the fight is getting fierce and fierce as each delegate wants to be the ultimate winner to take home the crown and have the one year bragging right of being Miss Malaika 2013. Eviction is just around the corner and it will see one delegate being evicted because Vincentia  of the Ohemma group mentored by Hamamat, willingly dropped out of the competition at its early stages. The delegates are jittery and wish the dreadful eviction is just a dream.  So who gets to be evicted? Is it going to be Naa Oyoe, Twumwaa, Lordina, Lois, Priscilla, Yoda, Abigail, Selma, Aisha, Eugenia or Betty? Power your favorite delegate to the finals by texting her name to 1757 across all networks. This week’s episode will focus on the delegates photo shoot which saw the delegates taking pictures in their various professions like caterer, veterinary doctor amongst other exciting professional photo shoot. Catch all the behind the scenes and photo shoot session with renowned photographer, Kwaku David; on GhOne Entertainment Tv  this Sunday at 8pm. Miss Malaika  2013 is sponsored by Lux, Rana Motors, Air Namibia, Simbins Furnture, Sandra Ice Cream, Lydia Female Contraceptives, Kwaku David Photography and Crown Paint. Miss Malaika is proudly brought to you by GhOne Entertainment TV with support from Charterhouse Productions.]]>


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