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Most of the beef we have are lyricism beef and not proper rap beef – E.L



E.L, who is current promoting his new single, ‘Ehua’ featuring Joey B and Falz has shared his opinions on the controversies and ‘beefs’ in the Ghanaian music industry.

Speaking in an interview on Ameyaw TV, the rapper was of the opinion that some artists tend to be more controversial than others because that is part of their character.

“Everybody has the way they do stuff. Some people are more volatile and feisty than others; some people are just laidback.  People like me just want to make our music, chill and enjoy. So it is just a reflection of people’s character I guess. If someone is very confrontational or open and talk about anything that gets into their heads, then they are going to be controversial because they don’t have a filter,” he said.

I am trying to figure out the best time to release my song with Sarkodie – E.L

On the recent beefs involving Ghanaian rappers, E.L said it is good for the industry,  so far as it healthy competition.  He said:

“The competition is good as long as it is not a negative thing; as long as at the end of the day we learn something that is good.  I believe in learning something everyday, so if you are going to engage in something, it has to be productive.  So if we don’t find anything productive coming out from this so-called rap beef… I say ‘so-called’ because rap beef proper, people go in and it is not just a lyricism thing. This is a lyricism beef not a rap beef because there is a lot that goes into rap.

Watch full interview below:


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