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MSport launches ‘Super Odds’; offers up to 99% reward rates



MSport, Africa’s premier online betting website has signaled its unwavering gratitude to its loyal community of customers by announcing the inaugural and game-changing MSport Super Odds.

The Super Odds is an industry-leading initiative which an exhilarating experience for all their users through the unusual gift of unprecedented and industry-leading odds on their platform.

MSport has always been an industry leader in spearheading the way in exciting and revolutionary online experiences, including the periodic launch of new online games like the immensely fun and well-received Aviator game and the MSport exclusive SuperKick games, together with a slate of ongoing promotions, providing exceptional odds, offering fast deposit and withdrawal, world-class 24/7 customer service, and much more to make betting on the platform super easy and fun. This is also the second year in which MSport is the exclusive regional partner of Borussia Dortmund (BVB), a partnership announced last year to much fanfare.


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With the ushering in of the new season in major European leagues for the 2022/2023 season in a FIFA World Cup year, MSport’s focus is for its loyal community users to enjoy the game while enjoying super odds. Launching the inaugural and exciting MSport Super Odds signal MSport’s firm intent to dedication and commitment to its loyal user community who are now rewarded with exceptional odds, effectively upgrading all EPL matches played over the weekend to its Super Odds.

Even new players will find it straightforward to bet and win because of MSport’s best odds and user-friendly interface, and especially with fantastic Super Odds in this weekend’s EPL matches.

These exceptional Super Odds even run concurrently with existing promotions, including the very popular “Free Vouchers with Every Goal Scored” promotion, making every moment special with MSport every time users bet on the platform. Like in Nigeria, for instance, the new Super
Odds run concurrently with the existing 500,000NGN in weekly cash giveaways, truly walking the talk on their current brand campaign “Win with MSport”.


Regarding the new Super Odds, the Odds Key for English Premier League (EPL) matches offered by MSport on their platforms are now raised to a phenomenal 101, comprehensively leading the way in terms of the attractiveness of all three regions where MSport is currently operating – Nigeria, Ghana and Uganda, and effectively signaling the betting platform’s firm intent to be a world-leading platform in terms of the exceptional odds offered.

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MSport’s unique Super Odds feature allows users to stake with high odds on all games in the EPL and certain selected games in other leagues. All users have to do to enjoy MSport Super Odds is to stake normally while keeping track of their favourite games on the website which is super easy to navigate. What more can a bettor want? Log on to to know more
about Super Odds and other amazing offers on the platform today.



At the same time as the Super Odds announcement, MSport has borrowed the opportunity to announce the official launch of the MSport iOS app. Users can now head to the Apple App Store to download the MSport app on their iPhones and start experiencing the MSport platform on a dedicated app for Apple iPhone users. The MSport iOS app will complete the app line-up offered to the market for MSport users in the Africa region.

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