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How Nafis Quaye trains and empowers many youth through World Youth Opportunity Inc



World Youth Opportunity (WYO) Inc, an award winning US-based non-profit founded by Ghanaian Nafis Quaye, continues to trains and equip many youths with employable skills to make their lives better. WYO has as its core mission taking in young people from the age of 15 and above and providing them with the requisite skills and craft to become employed. Many a times, these young people possess employable skills, which they aren’t even aware of, and WYO helps bring out these talents in all of them. Possessing an employable skill is worth a lot in this day and age, and by funneling their talents into gainful employment these young people are not only able to provide for themselves, but they refrain from engaging in otherwise nefarious activities which their idle minds might have thought of. “Committed to breaking the cycle of youth poverty, youth unemployment, WYO Inc. makes long term investments, builds reliable institutions and cultivates an active civil society to improve the quality of life for all regardless of gender, origin or religion.” the company’s inspiring mission statement reads. This is done (mainly) through its signature Youth Employment Program. The program takes in these youth and provides them with specific and employable vocational skills – hair dressing, dress making, computer training, auto mechanic, barbering etc. – which gives them a leg up in the job market irrespective of their educational level. The program also provides vast opportunities for networking. Talk is cheap, but actions speak louder, and the phenomenal work being done by WYO Inc has been recognized in the US. Earlier this year, the mayor of Worcester, Massachusetts, rewarded Nafis Quaye for his tenacious fight for the youth. Quaye was presented with the Certificate of Special Mayoral Recognition by the US city, and also received a separate honour from Women in Action Inc. His groundbreaking organization was not only raising the youth out of poverty, but was positively impacting the crucial work of women empowerment. But WYO has global aims, and Quaye’s next big step is to venture into Ghana and establish his organization down here. There is no doubt that we need such an initiative, with a rising unemployed graduate populace and limited opportunities for the youth who are unlucky to get higher education. Thus WYO Inc hopes to partner with the requisite governmental agencies, civil society organizations and other relevant stakeholders in its entry into Ghana to solve these very real problems facing the youth. Long term, the organization plans to carry out its core mission in the most vulnerable and impoverished populations across the world, in parts of the US, Africa and Asia, as spelled out in its vision statement. “We are stronger together. Our work is driven by a firm belief in our shared humanity. Prosperity for all comes from harnessing the best from Youth of all walks of life. Strong partnerships with local organizations, businesses, governments and community leaders based on a shared vision for the common good improves the quality of life for youth in the poorest part of US, Asia & Africa.” The work of WYO Inc and its track record speaks for itself, and Ghana would be better off if it is able to achieve its stated aims and objectives with the help of all and sundry.]]>


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