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New Catfight! Miz Debbie calls Afia Schwarzenegger a 'stray dog' over her comments about AY and Moesha



Just hours after Ameyaw TV reported that Afia Schwarzenegger was praying for new enemies, because her old ones were running out of things to say against her, God has answered the prayers of the controversial comedian and TV personality. I posted a video on Instagram of Radio and TV panelist, Miz Debbie taking a swipe at Nigerian comedian AY for mocking Moesha Buduong incessantly at the just ended Golden Movie Awards. Afia Schwarzenegger commented on the video saying “Comedians will pick on anything and anybody,thats the job….even ur over concerned drama is as funny as fuck Madam…sit down!!!!!” Debbie then replied “Where I come from if your husband sees you sleeping with another man they banish you 💥☝🤣🤣🤣 get a life stray dog 🐶” Afia then come back to say: “where I come from people with eyes like urs are fed to the dogs,stupid girl have u soon forgotten how that dancehall artist was pulling ur overused breast at the studio of Angel tv,stupid useless bitch…guess u have forgotten how u were all over episode in my studio,useless asshole,let me remind u when I auditioned u as an usher how u were all over my PA with ur elephant size…Get a life cos mine is Better than ur stupid life!PIG” Follow the ongoing beef below: